Factory Helper Job Description


A factory helper works in manufacturing plants, where they handle equipment to produce goods. Cleaning processing facilities, inspecting the quality of the product, testing samples, servicing, driving forklifts, and arranging work components are among the essential responsibilities. They work in factories such as confectionery and beverage manufacturing, dairy processing, leather products, pharmaceutical firms, and other related industries, doing a variety of jobs. They must carry out a variety of tasks concerning the items produced by the firms with which they operate. Factory helpers are typically employed in an industrial setting, where they assist with warehousing and manufacturing in terms of bringing the goods to completion. They must be aggressive and adaptable to properly carry out the job. They will also be expected to be well-versed in safety measures as well as product processing. Each factory helper’s skill set will, therefore, be determined by the workplace setting in which they work.

Factory Helper Job Titles:

  • Factory Helper
  • Factory Assistant

Factory Helper Job Summary:

We’re seeking a factory helper to join our group and have expertise in a similar field. To guarantee that production goals are met, this position necessitates constant communication and great coordination with teammates. The factory helper’s job is to aid with the production process in the plants. The factory helper is responsible for assisting the Machine Operator in operating the system by moving heavy material or product, tying or strapping down finished product, and doing other miscellaneous chores as needed. For tasks, they should interact with the manager, production management, quality, and other workers. They are in charge of maintaining the gear and workspace clean and organized, as well as doing basic routine maintenance on it. Place the item on a trolley or dollies after removing it from the equipment.

Factory Helper Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Integrate raw ingredients for resource preparation, mixing, and measurement.
  • Control automated processes and conditions in the production of items.
  • Connecting straps and linings to objects and fixing metal, plastics, or other fixtures where required
  • Evaluate the quality of prepackaged goods and keep accurate records of the results at specific points during the manufacturing process
  • Perform and manage types of machinery, as well as examine and pack final goods.
  • Ensure a clean and hygienic plant processing environment by operating machinery in the manufacturing process.
  • Explore the various goods and services available.
  • Bleaching, coloring, and fabric treatment are examples of industrial applications
  • Keep track of the deadline and acquire goods parts.
  • Examine product sampling as well as wrapping machine operation.
  • Working in an assembly setting, running inflating equipment, cutting, or molding parts.

Factory Helper Skills and Qualification:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • More than 1 year of experience in similar filed
  • A degree in dairy science, technology, textiles, or pharmaceuticals is required.
  • Understanding of the factory’s product to a satisfactory level
  • Awareness of health & safety concepts that is acceptable
  • Understanding quality management is a must
  • Knowledge of practical competence and the ability to use a variety of machines
  • To deliver favorable teamwork, you must have excellent communication skills.

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