Food Delivery Driver Job Description


The main duty of a food delivery driver is to carry food items from production centers to customers. The delivery man is responsible to note down the address and has to deliver the food items to the customer who has placed the home delivery order. The driver should be well-versed driving distinct vehicles like bike, van, and car. He should make sure the correct food items are delivered to the right customer on time. He is also responsible for collecting the right amount of payment from the customer.

The food deliver driver must take care of the vehicle and must ensure the safety of the vehicle and order he is carrying. He should be aware of various routes and short-cuts in the city where he is supposed to deliver orders.

Food Delivery Driver Job Summary:

We are looking to hire a reliable food delivery driver who ensures transporting food items safely and timely manner. The driver will be responsible to pick and deliver food items to customers who made an order for home delivery. We are committed to compensate and reward our employees for their dedication and hard work.  You will be delivering top-notch customers so you must communicate clearly and professionally. Your duties involve ensuring timely delivery of parcels at the assigned route, conducting an inspection of the vehicle before and after trip, reviewing deliveries with customers to ensure food parcels meet their needs, loading and unloading parcels from your vehicle and supporting daily operations of online delivery. Apart from alary, you will be paid for medical, dental and visual insurance. To succeed as a driver you should be polite and prompt with a commitment providing the best service to clients.

Food Delivery Driver Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Loading, conveying and delivering food items to different customers in a timely manner
  • Professional interaction with customers for taking orders, recording orders and helping with food preparation and planning if needed
  • Count and verify all parcels before leaving the kitchen
  • Coordinate with management and other department ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Inspect containers to ensure they are good enough to present for delivery to customers
  • Maintaining truck and food dispensing equipment
  • Delivering the food items using commercial vehicle safely and efficiently
  • Listening to customer complaint and reporting to the concerned manager
  • Collecting empty container pan for centers
  • Maintaining cleanliness inside and outside the truck
  • Maintaining proper inventory for specific deliveries
  • Log transport details, processing order paperwork, and payment transaction

Food Delivery Driver Skills and Qualification:

  • Must be properly licensed to drive
  • Should maintain professionalism
  • Experience required as a food delivery driver
  • Require high school diploma/GED
  • Must be 21 years of age
  • Being safety conscious
  • Should possess superb conversation skill
  • Able to work during weekends and holidays
  • Should possess a clean driving record
  • Holding a special license to operate certain vehicle
  • Strong time management skill
  • Able to lift and carry heavy parcels for delivery
  • Willingness to adhere to schedule and safety procedures

Food Delivery Driver job Titles:

Food Delivery DriverLocal Delivery Driver
Medical Delivery DriverDelivery Driver Fast Food
Delivery Driver ( Part-Time)Bulk Delivery Driver

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