Ford Mechanic Job Description


A mechanic is in charge of checking and fixing cars, vehicles, and other equipment. These experts, often known as service techs, are in charge of maintenance checks, inventory management, mechanical systems assembly, and replacement. They are frequently found laboring in workshops that are located indoors.  While becoming a basic mechanic may not necessitate a secondary degree, becoming a Ford technician who specializes in Ford vehicles requires completion of the Ford ASSET program, a two-year secondary school. This curriculum will prepare you to perform in Ford dealer service operations and will equip you with the skills necessary to address any Ford vehicle problem. Ford mechanics are trained to work on Ford vehicles. Ford technicians are responsible for a wide range of maintenance activities, including basic maintenance, filter adjustments, tune-ups, fluid shifts, and tire care. Good visual contact and physical dexterity are required of an exceptional auto technician. They have outstanding problem-solving skills and are well-versed in sophisticated mechanical or electrical drive systems. They must also be better communicators to guide clients.

Ford Mechanic Job Titles:

  • Ford Mechanic
  • Automobile Mechanic
  • Mechanic

Ford Mechanic Job Summary:

To maintain our dedication to safety and customer service, our team is presently looking for an experienced Diesel Mechanic. The selected candidate for the role will do truck service and repair work in a manner with production and technical standards, conduct vehicle inspections, and collaborate closely with other teams to accomplish corporate goals. Ford Diesel Mechanics works efficiently and in compliance with dealer and Ford standards to complete repair work on diesel cars. Specialists assess and fix vehicle auto components, such as the engine, gearbox, electrical, driving, chassis, braking, and air-con, according to the manufacturer’s specifications. To keep up with quickly changing tech, they should attend formal training courses regularly to learn different technical data and practices. They must check and try out new automobiles, documenting their findings to make necessary modifications.

Ford Mechanic Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Conduct regular inspection on equipment, structures, and automobiles
  • Interact with the people to better understand their needs and diagnose the issue
  • Utilize diagnostic technologies to figure out what’s wrong with your car and what parts aren’t working.
  • Talk to the owner of the car about the issue and get their approval to fix it.
  • Remove, replace components, then test the vehicle when it has been restored.
  • Inspect new automobiles for flaws and keep track of the details for future repairs
  • Investigate computers and supervise diagnostic analysis to check configurability problems
  • Layout a course of action for all repair jobs and improvements,
  • Maintain work records, renovations, and service records
  • Track inventory and arrange new components

Ford Mechanic Skills and Qualification:

  • High school education
  • Post-secondary training in automotive technology
  • Must complete 2 year ASSET program
  • Hand on training is a must from Ford dealership
  • Certification from the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence
  • A thorough understanding of car diagnostic devices and mechanical components is required.
  • Attention to detail and problem-solving abilities.
  • Superb customer service and communication abilities.

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