Gallery Assistant Job Description


A gallery assistant, sometimes known as an attendant, assists gallery workers, staff administrators, interns, and directors with some tasks. Their duties vary depending on the artwork and area, and they might work in either a private or public venue. Staff is assisted with administrative and creative activities by gallery assistants. They are in charge of special events, ordering office or retail materials, answering phones, issuing and managing written communications, and scheduling meetings with artists, suppliers, customers, or visitors. They design mailers, posters, pamphlets, and event invites in addition to providing word processing help. They create and post job postings, internships, and volunteer opportunities, as well as train participants. They perform a variety of tasks, including inspecting shipments to ensure that new pieces for an event arrive on time, unpacking and preparing pieces for display, setting up galleries, installing them, packing and shipping pieces on showcase, and assisting in the design and coordination of a display or event. They assist in the planning of food for a special event, the creation of an events page, and the coordination of events. They’ll need to hire a public relations firm. They may send out a news release, conduct media interviews, manage a social media profile, and greet guests.

  • Gallery Assistant

A successful applicant with a degree in art, history, or a related field is required. In Los Angeles, Hauser & Wirth is seeking a gallery assistant to join our team. This full-time work necessitates meticulous attention to detail, superior organizational abilities, tact, and exceptional communication abilities. As the first contact point, the ideal person will love dealing with the audience. This applicant will also be a self-starter who can work independently and interactively as needed by the project. Answers, pathways, and logs inbound calls; retains general gallery schedule, gallery consultations; tracks big events and visitor statistical data; upgrades contacts in the database; manages all inbound and outbound mail, including FedEx, USPS, and messenger shipments; collaborates with numerous administrative and transport vendors.

  • Monitor and manage the management of the art museum
  • Act as the primary point of contact for clientele, visitors, guests, and press staff
  • Communicate, deal, and perform transactions with connoisseurs and art enthusiasts
  • Sell catalogs to art show visitors
  • Prepare and share invitations to art enthusiasts and press to visit the artwork
  • Organize art gallery programs, events, and receptions
  • Assemble and organize artist packets for media, customers, and galleries
  • Identify artwork and image files
  • Implement security measures to protect creators’ artwork and portfolios in a gallery setting
  • Bachelor’s degree in art, history, or a related field
  • Minimum of 3 years experience in related field
  • Excellent teamwork spirit
  • Awesome IT skills
  • Cordial and helpful
  • Excellent interaction and problem-solving skills
  • Must enjoy working cooperatively
  • The expertise of and passion for contemporary and modern craft
  • Outstanding visitor quality services and a friendly demeanor 

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