General Construction Worker Job Description


In building work, the construction worker supports tradespeople and equipment operators. They safely create and dismantle scaffold platforms, as well as transport and carry materials at work sites. They assist the design team in the creation of complete and solid frameworks on buildings, roadways, and other worksites. A construction worker’s responsibilities include carrying materials and equipment from the lorry to the worksite and preparing them for setup, testing plants and materials to verify they are in perfect working order, cleaning up the workplace and properly securing all devices for the night, following instructions to guarantee the safety of the entire squad, and measuring and cutting lumber to desired requirements.

General Construction Worker Job Titles:

  • General Construction Worker
  • Construction Worker( +5 years experience)
  • Construction worker( Part-Time)
  • Construction Labrourer
  • Construction Worker( Carpentry)

General Construction Worker Job Summary:

We’re looking for construction workers that love working with their hands and can contribute positively to building projects. Workmen can be seen on nearly every worksite, performing a variety of activities ranging from simple to dangerous. They can be found on construction sites for buildings, highways, and heavy equipment, as well as residential and business properties, tunnel and shaft projects, and demolition works. Many of the tasks they do are physically demanding and necessitate specific knowledge and experience. Other professions are easy to learn and require little skill. Although the majority of associates specialize in a certain sort of development, such as roadway or tunnel building, some are professionals who execute a variety of tasks throughout the construction process. Construction employees should be knowledgeable about the responsibilities of other tradespeople specialists, as well as the supplies, equipment, and machinery that they use because they all operate as part of a group to complete assigned infrastructure projects.

General Construction Worker Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Digging and leveling the worksite
  • Mixing and pouring the additives for the concrete mixture
  • Breaking down earth and interim building structures
  • Assisting tradespeople and maintenance workers in the building project
  • Stabilizing and breaking up security
  • Unloading and transferring devices from work sites
  • Utilize explosions to destroy buildings and houses as directed
  • Prepare heavy machinery to create structures
  • Clear the ground and level new concrete or other materials
  • Place construction sign for transportation

General Construction Worker Skills and Qualification:

  • High school diploma or degree
  • Must possess a minimum of 2 years of experience in the similar field
  • Superb physical ability is essential
  • Able to interpret requirements, drawings, and blueprints as needed
  • Excellent awareness of stability and properly represented
  • Allowed to work outside in a variety of seasonal changes
  • Ability to handle both manual and powered equipment and follow a set of rules
  • Mathematical ability to compute length, breadth, thickness, and other dimensions as they pertain to construction and the integrity of specifications and needs
  • Good at following spoken and written instructions and operating in a quick construction setting with minimum supervision
  • Knowledge to perform all tasks safely and comprehend the company’s safe work procedures
  • Capable of taking, recording, and adhering to standard measures, as well as cutting or separating materials to specified dimensions or amounts.

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