Grocery Stocker Job Description


Grocery stockers make ensuring that supplies are in good condition and that they are properly put on shelves. Monitoring validity periods, managing stocks, dealing with perishable goods, and keeping the right temperature surrounding the shop are all common employment responsibilities for these staff. Other daily tasks include providing great customer services, such as helping customers and addressing their concerns, ensuring that item is presented as per the suitable planogram, following the correct date rotation, assisting with offloading goods from trucks and organizing the stock room, filling assigned segment as required, assisting with shelf set upkeep, regular maintenance of storage facilities, and sales.

Grocery Stocker Job Titles:

  • Grocery Stocker
  • Grocery Clerk
  • Grocery Packer
  • Shelf Stocker

Grocery Stocker Job Summary:

We are looking to hire a grocery stocker who holds enough education and skill to perform the job. You will be liable for providing exceptional customer service by ensuring that goods are restocked and circulated, as well as responding to customer inquiries and comments. This is ideal for you if you have an enthusiastic attitude and enjoy collaborating with and helping others. You’ll be responsible for all aspects of breaking down supplies and shelf stacking. As a part of the grocery crew, you will be responsible for receiving and preparing food, as well as managing the grocery area and exhibits. Keeps cabinets and shelving clean and well-stocked by front-facing, verifying codes, turning, and discarding out-of-date products to make sure a fresh and enticing appearance.

Grocery Stocker Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • All shopping items must be monitored, with suitable labels and price labels applied to all goods, and all items must be stacked on needed shelves.
  • Manage all store inventories and assist with replenishing all stock as needed, as well as keeping track of all life spans for various commodities.
  • Organize any perishable items and ensure that the proper temperature is maintained.
  • Create a grocery stock and guarantee that it is counted regularly.
  • Maintain the necessary temperature for all grocery goods in the stock room.
  • Manage and guarantee that the work environment is kept clean at all times, and exhibit all new items and promotional offers as needed.
  • Collaborate with supervisor and record any damage to grocery items, as well as complete all sales team duties.
  • Organize all display rows and items at the store’s entryway.
  • To maintain the safety of both personnel and customers, keep an eye on all walking surfaces and keep them clean.
  • Remain aware of all product expiry dates and ensure that expired products are replaced with new ones.
  • Handle mail orders with inventory from the warehouse.
  • Get items for clients from the shelf or storage area.
  • May sweep walkways, dust display racks, and conduct other general cleaning activities to direct clients to the desired items.
  • For e-commerce activities, you may use a cash drawer and a computer.

Grocery Stocker Job Skills and Qualification:

  • A high school diploma or GED is preferred
  • Minimum 1 year of expertise in a similar role
  • Skill to provide quick, courteous, and friendly customer care
  • Reading, writing, and solving elementary math problems
  • Ability to comprehend and implement orders
  • Ability to collaborate with others and operate as part of a team
  • A strong desire to help others

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