Guest Service Assistant Job Description


Guest relations assistants are hospitality professionals and they often employ them at hotels. Their key responsibilities include providing front-of-house visitor service, processing guest payments, and acting as a resource for information on a variety of topics. The candidate must have excellent interpersonal skills and be well-organized. They are in charge of ensuring that the table is set up properly and that the meals are taken to the cooking area for washing, conducting the usual schedule with a smile and a positive attitude, arriving on time in dress code with a smiling face and keen to work, and ensuring the neatness of the eateries, table entryways, cafeteria, and washrooms to provide a comfy and inviting environment for visitors. Other responsibilities include developing strong working relationships with coworkers and working as part of a team, overseeing everything in the eatery to ensure it works properly and that no one is overworked, approaching each guest, coworker, and situation with a positive outlook, promptly communicating with guests’ needs with the server, genuinely caring for and assisting each guest, communicating with managers, and promptly following procedures your job expects.

Guest Service Assistant Job Titles:

  • Guest Service Assistant

Guest Service Assistant Job Summary:

We’re looking for someone with a high school degree to work as a service assistant. We’re searching for folks that are excited about delivering unique experiences for visitors and are enthusiastic about excellent food. By guaranteeing a spotless restaurant, replenishing and sanitizing stations, busing tables, and expediting meals, the utility position adds to a positive visitor experience. Maintaining a clean and sanitized eatery, ensuring stations are filled up and to the highest hygiene standards, assisting with the spinning of cutlery, assisting with facilitating meals at the door, being a core group member, and being genuine and truthfully yourself in how you interact with others are all things you would do. You are dedicated to excellence and transparency. You’ll put your excellent planning, meticulous, and time management skills to good use.

Guest Service Assistant Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Greet guests and build a good relationship
  • Handle check-in and check-out
  • Provide front-desk operations to clients
  • Assign rooms and handle administrative chores
  • Distribute mail and messages
  • Process visitor transactions
  • Work with bell services and operations
  • Processing meal and refreshment requests
  • Accommodating general and specific demands
  • Diffusing conflict or stressful situations with visitors
  • To ensure the guest space is adequately maintained at all times
  • Assist with the management of guests schedules

Guest Service Assistant Skills and Qualification:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in a related field
  • Informed and problem-solving skills
  • Certificate or diploma in hospitality
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills
  • Wonderful time management and leadership skills
  • Dispute settlement experience
  • Patience and comprehension skills
  • Decent phone manners and IT skills
  • Maintain customer inquiries and respond promptly
  • Communicate with staff and ensure that queries are finished on time
  • Build positive client relationships
  • Work with partners to make sure that the workflow operates efficiently

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