Head Accountant Job Description


The head accountant is a senior accountant who oversees all financial and tax planning activities of the department and is engaged in the management of general accounting procedures, assessments, and commercial partnerships in a company. They are in charge of the day-to-day planning and financial responsibilities for the company, and they respond directly to the chief financial officer, who is in charge of the entire finance team. They are expected to collaborate with other financial department managers in deciding on the business’s sophisticated modeling. They are in charge of both the accounting and the tax planning departments. They are responsible for overseeing the end-of-period process and assisting with the examination of periodic company performance, budgets, and projections. They are responsible for inspiring, nurturing, and establishing a department’s vision and values.

Head Accountant Job Titles:

  • Head Accountant
  • Senior Accountant
  • Senior Accountant ( 5+ years experience)
  • Senior Accountant ( CPA required)
  • Sr. Accountant

Head Accountant Job Summary:

We’re looking for a chief accountant with a finance and accounting degree. This role will report to the head of accounting and will play a key role in month-end close, account reconciliation, variance investigations, and filing. The preferred candidate must be prepared to take on extra duties as needed and function independently on complex assignments and duties. Preparing journal entries, preparing reports, and researching discrepancies are all part of the work. Other responsibilities include assisting with assignments, managing and maintaining accounting procedures, and conformance and management. They should help with standard operating procedures upkeep, serve as a liaison for internal departments with demands for information sources, such as income statement, review, compliance, and taxation queries, and perform operations and initiatives as required. They should also maintain best practices, methods, and procedures as required to sustain the business to ensure that consistent practices are used across the firm to sustain the system’s dignity.

Head Accountant Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Managing a variety of accounting tasks
  • Managing and analyzing budgets and creating financial predictions
  • Publicizing financial statements on time
  • Gathering, tracking, analyzing, and presenting summary accounting information
  • Write an income statement and create balance sheets
  • Develop a complete report for higher management and submit it to them.
  • Financial transaction auditing
  • Ascertain that confidential data is kept private.
  • Maintain a working knowledge of financial laws, norms, and guidelines, as well as organizational policies.
  • Calculate your tax and prepare your tax return.

Head Accountant Skills and Qualification:

  • Master degree in accounting or similar field
  • Must possess a minimum of 3 years of experience in a similar field
  • Working knowledge of accounting software
  • Superior Excel skills
  • Working knowledge of a computerized ledger system
  • Working knowledge of SAP
  • Maintaining excellent relationships with important organizations
  • Flexibility and ability to work effectively with tight timelines
  • Ability to make decisions, organize, and prioritize tasks, as well as meet essential and specified deadlines
  • Ability to manage numerous assignments consecutively
  • Excellent organizational, interaction, presentation, and social skills
  • Technical excellence, excellent analytical thinking
  • Ability to alter priorities in a dynamic environment
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