Healthcare Administrator Job Description


The everyday administrative operations of healthcare institutions are overseen by medical doctors. Health service executives are experts that are in charge of planning and supervising all medical tasks. Managing people within a division, managing patient safety, monitoring health informatics, monitoring the dept’s financial condition, managing human resources, including hiring employees, performance evaluations, and staff schedules, and making sure organization adherence meets medical regulatory requirements and corporate policy are all part of their job obligations. Clinical and administrative operations are managed by the healthcare administrator. They should have an in-depth grasp of healthcare rules and medical terms to be effective in this profession. Professionalism and courtesy are required, as well as great communication abilities. They must be in favor of putting together employee schedules.

Healthcare Administrator Job Titles:

  • Healthcare Administrator
  • Healthcare Administrator (2 + years experience)
  • Healthcare Administrator (Nursing Home)
  • Healthcare Administrator (Part-Time)
  • Healthcare Service Administrator

Healthcare Administrator Job Summary:

We’re searching for a healthcare administrator with a bachelor’s degree in health administration and previous experience in a related industry. The Healthcare Administrator ensures quality care, operational efficiency, and financial clout to efficiently grow the mental health services. This includes ensuring the clinical efficacy and operational effectiveness of behavioral health services through guidance in the development of a strong behavioral clinical staff and community collaborations. The administrator is also in charge of creating, planning, and executing a strategic plan to assure the clinical, economic, and overall operating efficiency and expansion of the behavioral health services. They should administrate and oversee the operational processes of the services, including the Chief Executive Officer’s objectives.

Healthcare Administrator Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Must have experience managing and directing everyday activities for multi-specialty service lines inside the health center
  • Keep track of medical and office supplies stock
  • Keep track of all workers’ work schedules
  • Coordinate with health care providers to understand their difficulties and needs
  • Ensure that patient health files are updated
  • Keep track of all spending and offer cost-cutting techniques.
  • Selects and trains associates, mentors, assigns duties and creates a team-based workplace environment
  • Enables supervision and advancement needs for colleagues by recruiting and training, guiding, assigning tasks, and creating a team-based working atmosphere

Healthcare Administrator Skills and Qualification:

  • Bachelor degree in healthcare administration or related field
  • Must possess a minimum of 5 years of experience in the similar field
  • Able to handle and lead healthcare staff quickly and productively
  • Excellent understanding of healthcare legislation and clinical knowledge
  • Problem solver with time management skills
  • Proficiency with admin related processes Management expertise with maintenance management, budgeting, and budgeting is required
  • Demonstrated ability to manage a wide range of programs, services, and personnel
  • In-depth understanding of population service requirements and delivering services standards
  • Strong understanding of the many specialties relating to service delivery, as well as applicable federal laws, state statutes, and divisional and department policies
  • Demonstrated ability to direct the development of facility needs and targets, as well as the utilization of funds.

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