Hospice Social Worker Job Description


A hospice social worker assists patients in addressing the emotional aspects of late-stage disease by supporting their end-of-life decisions. They assist families in locating local programs and resources for additional assistance. They should be prepared to make a visit to the patient’s house and spend some quality time with him or her and their family. They must provide care to both the patient and family members as hospice social workers. They should use advocacy, compassion, and problem-solving abilities to offer calm and free to stressful situations. They are put up as an integrative service to make a patient’s sickness and suffering at the end of its life more bearable. The purpose is to provide customers and their dear ones with empathetic support. During the patient’s challenging times, they offer mental, physiological, and moral support.

Hospice Social Worker Job Titles:

  • Hospice Social worker
  • Hospice Social Service

Hospice Social Worker Job Summary:

We’re looking for a hospice social worker with a bachelor’s degree in social work, psychology, or sociology and prior hospice experience. Home care services include professional nursing care, senior and pediatric hospice and palliative therapy, rehab therapy, residential infusion counseling, infusion patient rooms, personal medical devices, and strong pulmonary care for patients and family members. Adult and pediatric asthma, cardiovascular, diabetes, orthopedic, and wound care programs, as well as the lifeline emergency service system, are all accessible in the home. Hundreds of patients in the United States are cared for by home care services. Supports patients and their relatives in their homes, under the leadership of a clinician, in adapting and planning multidisciplinary ways of treating the caregiver system. This job requires the capacity to perform in a continuous state of vigilance while remaining safe.

Hospice Social Worker Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Advise sufferers and their relatives in making health care decisions following their objectives.
  • Contact local services to aid the patient and their families with final requests
  • Assist with health, Medicare, and Welfare paperwork
  • Aid with funeral preparation
  • Identify a patient’s religious and psychological needs and provide appropriate assistance if needed
  • Assist with bridging family gaps to bring loved ones together
  • Assist survivor with the necessary arrangement and paperwork after death occurs
  • Assist survivor obtaining apt grief counseling
  • Identify the other need of the patient and support their circle and assist as their need

Hospice Social Worker Skills and Qualification:

  • Bachelor degree in social work, psychology, or sociology
  • Must have a state license in social work
  • Certification in social work or hospice care
  • Must have at least 20 continuing education units in hospice and palliative care
  • Must possess a minimum of 3 years of experience in the similar field
  • Must be able to evaluate patients physical and emotional condition
  • Must be able to arrange home health aide
  • Awareness of hospice and the social aspects of sickness, loss, and mortality, as well as knowledge of chronically sick people
  • Capacity to utilize knowledge of the special requirements of hospice patients and family members

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