Hotel Assistant Job Description


Hospitality specialists who specialize in operating in hotels are known as hotel assistants. Their key focus is to serve customers at the front desk, handle payments, and tell them about different programs. They must guarantee that guests experience an excellent level of hospitality in the areas of reception, food service, and housekeeping. A hotel assistant’s obligations include managing the hotel reception 24 hours a day, ensuring that rooms are set up and getting ready for check-in on schedule, and keeping the lobby, f&b outlet, common spaces, store, backroom, and staff area clean. They are responsible for ensuring a friendly environment in public places, dealing with guest inquiries in a courteous manner, ensuring handover processes are accompanied by detailing daily logs and ensuring appropriate actions are taken to resolve problems, recording all concerns, special requests, and remarks in the daily handover log, guaranteeing all guests lost property is correctly noted and making sure all hotel bedrooms, public areas, and storerooms are cleaned within the agreed time frame. They must ensure that regular maintenance checks are performed in all bedrooms and public areas, that clear contact with other departments is maintained to guarantee minimal impact on the guest, and that the restaurant is operated according to agreed-upon hotel standards. They should be able to work successfully in a group setting and motivate others to achieve high levels of performance.

Hotel Assistant Job Titles:

  • Hotel assistant

Hotel Assistant Job Summary:

We’re seeking a high school diploma or GED holder to work as a hotel assistant. The assistant’s job is to help the hotel manager administer the hotel department to ensure that the service quality, uniformity of standards, and customers’ requirements are being met. By monitoring the shipboard hotel management group and guaranteeing that all employees are following accepted company procedures, such as quality service for eateries, culinary, house cleaning, sightseeing tours, onboard enrichment, guest relations, client service, customer relations, crew morale, and mentoring, the assistant assists the hotel manager. He should be in charge of providing excellent service and exceeding guest experience, which is a key metric of success. The assistant is responsible for all hotel division crew’ conduct, especially the hotel executives and head chef. The assistant must be safe, polite, professional, and quick while providing gracious greetings to the guests.

Hotel Assistant Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Create an atmosphere for visitors that stimulates all senses with personalized services and facilities
  • Collaborate with the hotel team to develop a corporate experience for visitors
  • Follow up with extra services that improve the guest satisfaction
  • Provide guests with a positive impression of the firm
  • Provide luxury service to customers at eateries in compliance with hotel standards
  • Demonstrate hotel principles while offering service and teamwork
  • Take care of each guest’s request on a one-on-one basis

Hotel Assistant Skills and Qualification:

  • Must have a high school diploma or GED
  • Must have at least 3 years of experience in a related profession
  • A certificate in hospitality is essential
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Dispute settlement expertise
  • Endurance and good listening abilities
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Better verbal and oral language skills 

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