Hotel Operations Manager Job Description


The entire functioning of the hotel is managed by a hotel operations manager. They create and put into action strategies that will guarantee the hotel provides excellent services that go above and beyond the needs of the guests. They pay attention to the visitor’s requests and give appropriate answers. A hotel operations manager also creates and upholds standards for employee performance and client service. Additionally, these experts accurately staff the hotel and monitor worker conduct, looks, and productivity. Numerous facets of a hotel’s operations, such as cleanliness, human resources, infrastructure, safety, public relations, social networks, food and beverage service, marketing, and finances, can be under the control of an operations manager. The hotel manager is in charge of several department managers, visitors, and other employees. All of these duties fall under the purview of an operations manager, who also makes sure that every hotel visitor has a good time.

Hotel Operations Manager Job Titles:

  • Hotel Operation Manager
  • Hotel Manager

Hotel Operations Manager Job Summary:

We are looking to hire an experienced operation manager for our hotel. The candidate must possess strong leadership and organizational abilities. The job entails creating and putting into practice strategies that will guarantee a good experience that exceeds the requirements of guests, working cooperatively with all department managers to make sure that operations are running seamlessly in unison with one another, anticipating all guest expectations, and acting swiftly in response to them, and establishing and maintaining norms for staff performance and client service.

Hotel Operations Manager Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Make sure the hotel is well-kept, comfortable, and ready to greet and care for guests.
  • To ensure seamless and effective operations, keep an eye on how the various hotel departments are working together.
  • Review client satisfaction metrics and the service recovery period by conducting assessments.
  • Assure that hotel workers are hired, oriented, and trained to maximize revenue for management.
  • Create lines of communication with consumers to engage with them, get their opinion, and help solve problems
  • Plan training sessions to improve hotel staff members’ productivity and job abilities.
  • Follow up on each hotel department’s purchase orders, payable accounts, and receivables.
  • Examine hotel shops to ascertain the requirement for replenishing and verify the availability of the stock.
  • Work together with the marketing team to create and implement business growth initiatives.
  • Work with suppliers and subcontractors to deliver high-quality goods and services.
  • Hotel workers should be assigned jobs and shifts based on their areas of expertise.
  • Gather payments and keep track of all expenses and income.

Hotel Operations Manager Skills and Qualification:

  • A degree or diploma in hospitality management
  • Experience working in a similar field for at least 2 years
  • Good understanding of budgets, P&Ls, and predictions, as well as strong revenue managerial skills.
  • Sharing expertise, information, resources, and connections with coworkers.
  • Be extremely motivated, possess strong communication skills, and present yourself professionally.
  • Must possess teamwork skill
  • Able to resolve problems with maintenance, client service, and employee productivity
  • Capable of planning hotel activities and facilities for conferences and gatherings

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