Inspector Packer Job Description


The inspector packer inspects every box that leaves a storehouse, manufacturing factory, or any other type of facility that works with vast numbers of goods. This person is in charge of stacking things into suitable containers, preparing items for transportation, and obtaining specific supplies as required. More significantly, they are responsible for ensuring that no object or container is damaged. An inspector packer also works forklifts and other storage machinery in addition to completing checks. Furthermore, they verify that all papers and documents are completed throughout logistics. If they discover a faulty product, they are responsible for appropriately discarding it and mentioning it in their records. Inspector packers must guarantee that items are packed according to a set of guidelines while also examining the boxes for defects. They keep track of the stock by keeping a record of parcels, but they fill out forms and papers by hand to record measurements, revenue, and goods. They must also eliminate any damaged products or components to avoid slowdowns.

Inspector Packer Job Titles:

  • Inspector Picker
  • Warehouse Inspector Picker

Inspector Packer Job Summary:

We are looking to hire an experienced inspector packer who has experience performing similar roles. Visually inspect final products and confirm parcel counts, tape cartons and physically transfer the item to the stacking region, organize flat paperboard into a sealed box for shipments, undertake quality control at set times, interact concerns to the controller, quality management, technician, or supervisor, start and finish equipment as per standard procedures, and resolve minor device probs are some of the job duties you will be responsible for.

Inspector Packer Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Examination entails a thorough inspection of each product’s visual characteristics regularly, as well as any other information about the product or the employee’s fulfillment of his or her duties that the administration deems necessary.
  • Transmitting goods from catch bins or containers into cargo containers, transferring product to the shipping dock, suitably weighing, properly having finished and affixing the right label to the carton, gearing up and delivering new or used packages to the molding presses, and accurately stacking final product on crates are all part of the preparation process.
  • Maintain a tidy operation and packaging area.
  • Selecting or modifying products that do not meet consumer specifications.
  • Maintains and develops positive working connections with all divisions.
  • Assigns and completes the mandatory training.
  • All work functions are carried out in a safe condition.
  • All relevant federal and provincial environmental safety requirements are followed.
  • As needed, uses proper safety equipment.

Inspector Packer Job Skills and Qualification:

  • A bachelor’s degree is preferred
  • Minimum 1 year of expertise in a similar role
  • Math skills must be at least decent.
  • Capacity to walk and stand for lengthy periods
  • Color vision and hand dexterity are also important.
  • Ability to carry up to 35 pounds securely
  • Ability to collaborate with people at all levels
  • Able to operate in a logical, methodical manner while paying close attention to every element of a task
  • With a strong grasp of the English language, engage vocally and in writing.
  • Competence with personal computers and Microsoft Office products is required.

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