Integration Architect Job Description


Integration architects take a holistic approach to cloud strategy, adopting applications, platforms, and infrastructure as a service. The architect will operate with a set of requirements, concepts, and models to drive cloud services decisions that are in line with the firm’s strategic IT goals. They drive the construction of a new state model that is secure, economical, and flexible. They make ensuring that major programs and migrations are in line with the IT financial plan, project portfolio, and business goals of the company. They do research and make recommendations for new technology adoption. They must assess the consequences of incorporating new technology into the IT network. They do aggressive research into IT enterprise systems best practices and techniques to establish the IT and business organizations’ relevance. They identify, assess, and propose alternative style solutions that suit client objectives using business criteria. Candidates will collaborate with an enthusiastic, professional, and highly qualified team of design professionals who specialize in designing and integrating enterprise software.

Integration Architect Job Titles:

  • Integrated Architect

Integration Architect Job Summary:

We’re looking for a qualified applicant with a background in information technology, computer science, or computer engineering. The Integration architect has expertise in architecting, creating, and constructing pipelines using Google’s cloud-based data technology stack. Analysis of detailed functional standards and needs, creation of technical design document as needed, the definition of business flows, information flow, and architecture, presentation of abstract and functional systems to help business needs, and promotion of flexible and scalable solutions are all part of the job responsibilities. We’re looking for someone who can assess business needs and translate them into system integration, create and explain architecture using modeling techniques like Visio, connect with multinational teams and give technical expertise, and operate in a multi-cloud framework facilitates. The position necessitates a high level of integration experience as well as knowledge of the network, safety, and wide applications.

Integration Architect Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Ensure the advancement of the architecture procedure within the timespan and guide all design teams to sustain project deliverables by designing and implementing various techniques for service-oriented architecture.
  • Participate in the finalization of the system and assist key parties
  • Manage contact with IT and business management
  • Maintain a proper software architecture for all client care and document and provide help to business and integrate all entire system
  • Oversee the installation of all papers and assist.
  • Analyze requirements and ensure that all architecture processes and papers are kept up to date.
  • Maintain monitoring of third-party procedures
  • Keep a record of all service contracts and encourage the best possible communication

Integration Architect Skills and Qualification:

  • Bachelor degree in IT, computer science, and computer engineering
  • Must possess a minimum of 3 years of experience in the similar field
  • Excellent understanding of designed system and pattern
  • Expertise and understanding in numerous integration and API management platforms
  • Knowledge of current software engineering practice
  • Experience working in a multi-cloud framework facilitates is a plus.
  • Frameworks and methodologies for modern enterprise architecture
  • Knowledge of wide application platforms such as Salesforce, Workday, and ServiceNow

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