Inventory Assistant Job Description


Inventory assistants work mostly in the warehouse and are responsible for maintaining inventory activities in the stock room operating smoothly. They are overseen by managers. Their main role is to oversee the flow of supplies and goods into and out of the company, as well as to keep track of stored things in depots and fill store shelves. Depending on the requirements of the company, they may need to work days, nights, or holidays. Any company that collects and sells significant volumes of merchandise, as well as warehouses and retail shops, hires the experts. An inventory assistant’s major responsibility is to aid in inventory management, as well as to create and attach packing and mailing tags. They examine the delivery of new stock, checking for defects and ensuring that orders are filled accurately. They must arrange to repair damaged objects if they are discovered. They will manually unload and reload inventory vehicles, as well as place the things in the appropriate locations within the stock room. They should double-check all of the pricing to ensure that the amount billed matched the payments made for each item. They might also be asked to help out on the shop floor.

Inventory Assistant Job Titles:

  • Inventory assistant

Inventory Assistant Job Summary:

 Our company is looking for an experienced inventory assistant to help with the acquisition and distribution of supplies for multiple facilities. The supply clerk’s objective is to complete his task securely and ergonomically, with the highest degree of quality, consistency, and efficiency, and to support with stock, upkeep, counters, and receiving, among other things. This position will also contribute to the company’s goals of improving stock levels, lowering costs, increasing turnover, and eliminating loss. Assemble collected bills and packing orders with daily receipt assessment reports, settle vendor invoice inconsistencies and work with finance, current liabilities, and suppliers to fix any issues, work through items received, and receive supplies into storage as they are carried in.

Inventory Assistant Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Keeping and updating records
  • Create or enhance inventory management systems
  • Store and disperse supplies, gear, or product
  • Prepare a balance, pricing, or cost statement
  • Check material, machinery, goods, or supplies in inventory
  • Report inconsistencies between inventory counts and database record
  • Replace the price tag on goods
  • Place labels, markings, or identifiers on shelves to recognize stock
  • Inspect stock periodically to evaluate reordering requirements
  • Contact vendor to collect data regarding the delivery date of shipment
  • Modify the sticker price on products
  • Refill items on shelves with stock from the storage
  • Rotate product and maintain it organized

Inventory Assistant Skills and Qualification:

  • High school graduation
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in a related sector
  • Stock control experience
  • Excellent arithmetic and analytical skills
  • Ability to work long hours
  • Experience with a forklift is advantageous.
  • Ability to be punctual, dependable, and communicate effectively
  • Educated and problem-solving skills proven
  • Expertise with inventory monitoring software
  • A sufficient mix of academics, business training, and expertise

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