IV Pharmacy Technician Job Description


A pharmacy technician helps pharmacists by filling, labeling, keeping records, filling medications, and performing other tasks as needed. The technician prepares intravenous solutions containing pharmaceuticals that are prescribed to treat in multiple healthcare settings under the direction of a trained pharmacist. Antibiotics, chemotherapeutic treatments, opioids, and food supplements are all possible ingredients in IV solutions. The technician examines prescription scripts or patient records and determines the amount of medicine to add to a solution to give the client the dose they need for the intended result. The technician is under the guidance of a certified pharmacist and performs under the directions of a physician, but he is still committed to ensuring that he makes the correct dosage for a patient. Because an error in the volume or kind of drug combined into the IV solution could result in a deadly reaction in the patient, the technician must pay attention to detail and be precise in his job. The technician must also ensure that his gear is sterile to avoid contaminating the IV solution and infecting the patient.

IV Pharmacy Technician Job Titles:

  • IV Pharmacy Technician

IV Pharmacy Technician Job Summary:

We are looking to hire an experienced IV pharmacy technician who has enough expertise in the related field. Complies with all CAPS rules and procedures, needs to prepare compounded sterile items utilizing the aseptic technique, aids in the setup of the compounding room, devices, and materials for the readiness of compounded sterile remedies using the aseptic technique, accomplishes general daily cleaning duties as guided, takes part in cleanroom product selection activities, and gets ready records and observes outcomes for pharma.

IV Pharmacy Technician Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Accesses patient data using a computer and related programs, charges patients for drugs, and verifies the patient’s locations.
  • Needs to keep the pharmacist updated by organizing and prioritizing telephone calls and window traffic.
  • Under the guidance of the pharmacist, gathers and arranges all relevant data.
  • Acknowledges and prioritizes emergency and stat medicine orders.
  • Maintains and keeps all equipment properly, assuring that it is clean and in the working state.
  • Maintains optimum stock levels by rotating, ordering, and rotating stock.
  • Medicines should be kept in their authorized areas.
  • Oral solutions, ointments, unit dosage oral syringes, inhalants, and tablets are all examples of compounds or prepackaged oral suspensions.
  • Gets ready patient-specific dosages precisely, using the proper medicine, concentration, and quantity.

IV Pharmacy Technician Job Skills and Qualification:

  • A high school diploma or GED is preferred
  • Minimum 2 years of expertise in the similar field
  • Understanding of the aseptic procedure for IV sterile compounding
  • Long-term care pharmaceutical knowledge.
  • Computation of drug compounding expertise
  • Skills in data entry calculation skills for medication mixing
  • The ability to lift, move, and transfer up to 20 pounds is required.
  • Long periods of standing are required.
  • Applying ideas, theories, and ideas in a broad sense.
  • Follows guidelines and procedures that have been set.
  • Work is performed under close supervision and according to specific verbal or written directions.
  • To complete the prescribed assignment follows established processes.
  • Solving difficulties may necessitate some restricted judgment.
  • Direct supervisors, peers, and colleagues are the primary contacts.

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