Junior Architect Job Description


A junior architect works alongside the architect to aid in the production of designs and specifications for the development or alteration of structures. They labor under the main designer’s direction. They aid with the presentation of material, produce construction paperwork, document building designs, and promote architectural designs. They work for architecture and construction firms, and the majority of their work is done in workplaces. They visit the worksite occasionally. A young architect should be capable of handling a wide range of tasks. They collaborate with a group of architects to organize and design structures, brainstorm project proposals, complete construction illustrations in AutoCAD, help in the evaluation of project proposals, full design process documentation, make sure all files are forwarded before the building process begins, interact with all relevant parties, and oversee project progress by responding client questions. The applicant must have prior construction project management expertise.

Junior Architect Job Titles:

  • Junior Architect

Junior Architect Job Summary:

We are seeking a successful individual with an architectural degree. In Rochester, NY, we are now looking for a talented Junior Architect to join our group. This is a comprehensive job with a good salary and perks. Support with tasks for the Architectural Senior Manager and Associate Architects, but can also work autonomously. From the design phase to construction paperwork, you’ll be willing to formulate projects. Examine building regulations to ensure that the design meets current building regs. Conduct product testing, material selections, spec writing, and submission, and shop sketch evaluation. Deliver visual presentations for user confirmation and assessment. Focusing on many projects is possible. Successful applicants would be specifics, efficient, and produce high-quality work. They will also be able to work effectively as well as in a collaborative setting, have the organizational abilities to prioritize projects and meet numerous deadlines and communicate effectively.

Junior Architect Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Undertake space planning based on property occupant count and current interiors
  • Execute design work utilizing requirements, drawings, and suggestions on creating design
  • Evaluate space usage efficacy and adjust the need for space requirement
  • Suggest action to fulfill new guidelines
  • Oversee the technical architect for the new product’s development and maintenance.
  • Assist in the gathering of information for complete facilities, blueprints, specifications, cost estimates, and reports.
  • Assist in the production of designs for existing buildings where no plans are accessible
  • Prepare record designs once construction is completed
  • Prepare the design and draw a rough drawing of the project to show to the clients

Junior Architect Skills and Qualification:

  • Bachelor degree in architecture
  • Must possess a minimum of 3 years of experience in the similar field
  • Strong understanding of architectural principles and techniques
  • Knowledge of various kinds of structures materials and construction procedures
  • Understanding of CAD design strategies and processes awareness of the provincial and national facility and code criteria
  • Should have the expertise of and understanding of OSHA compliance
  • Ability to accomplish projects alongside the Lead Architect under tight constraints;
  • Ability to work freely with minimum supervision
  • Problem-solving, judgment, and organizational abilities are essential.

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