Kennel Attendant Job Description


The kennel attendant is in charge of feeding and caring for dogs in shelters and veterinary clinics. They are sometimes referred to as kennel assistants. Pet care centers, kennels, vet services, and animal clinics are all places where they work. They help maintain kennels, handle dogs and other animals, and do admin jobs with qualified veterinary experts. Animals should be maintained in a secure, well-organized, and positive environment. The position is suitable for pet lovers with a cheerful and upbeat demeanor. They should be able to accurately predict and comprehend animal needs. They must be able to customize the treatment to the animal’s specific physical, social, and behavioral issues. Additional responsibilities include feeding the pet and replenishing supplies, removing litter and remaining food, collecting and disposing of feces, disinfecting the environment, and replacing cleaned materials. They may be required to move animals to another location and execute specialized grooming, washing, and training chores. Other responsibilities include examining animals and looking for signs of illness, injury, or unhappiness, promoting retail sales, and maintaining and inspecting the equipment used.

Kennel Attendant Job Titles:

  • Kennel Attendant
  • Kennel Assistant

Kennel Attendant Job Summary:

To join our team, we’re looking for an experienced animal care attendant. The ideal candidate will share our dedication to providing great service to our loyal customers as well as the finest quality care for their boarding and hospitalized pets. Must have prior experience observing dogs, controlling playgroup behavior, tidying up after them, and socializing with them. This is an entry-level position as a kennel attendant. Must have prior dog experience, but will instruct with limited experience if the appropriate person is found. They must be able and ready to learn, as well as have the urge to give sensitive, loving care to boarding and hospitalized pets. Cleaning and sanitizing the clinic, in addition to dog care, is an essential part of work. Care workers must be able to collaborate with other teammates in a fast-paced workplace.

Kennel Attendant Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Transport animals from and to the kennel
  •  Make sure the animals have plenty of adequate food and clean water at all times
  •   Tidy the kennel of animal feces, spilled food, hair, as well as other debris
  • Get rid of waste as soon as possible
  • Grooming, playing with, and administering medication to animals
  •  Accompanying animals on walks if necessary
  •  Calming animals in stress
  • Adjusting the temperature to assure that animals stay comfortable

Kennel Attendant Skills and Qualification:

  • A high school diploma or its equivalent is required
  • Must possess a minimum of 1 year of experience in the similar field
  • Excellent organization, logic, and problem-solving skills
  • Great interpersonal skill
  • Physically powerful and nimble
  • Able to move large objects
  • A love for animal care
  • Well organized and effective at prioritizing tasks
  • Able to gather and present specimens and documentation for study
  • Detail-oriented
  •  Available to work weekends and holidays
  •  Able to follow instructions
  •  Multi-tasking
  •  Team player, dependable, and possess great communication skills

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