Legal associate Job Description


A legal associate also referred to as an assistant in a law firm, is a lawyer who specializes in one field of law and works their way up to partner position at their company. They help attorneys be more effective by gathering relevant data, proof, and negotiation options, monitoring cases, and assisting attorneys with trial preparation. Helping coordinators and board lawyers, serving customers with formulating or meeting officials and trying to access federal schemes, researching case law and other related stuff pertinent to law, managing clients situations from start to end, advising clients and conducting legal work on their behalf, preparing and reviewing legal documents ahead of time are just a few of the responsibilities of a legal associate.

  • Legal Associate
  • Legal Assistant

We’re now looking for a legal associate with a law degree to join our global team. The associate counsel’s primary responsibility and accountability are to develop and negotiate a range of commercial agreements autonomously, with a focus on income relationships with our clients. The chosen applicant will interface with stakeholders from several functional departments and groups regularly and will be committed to ensuring that all contractual procedures are being followed, including receiving and recording all relevant permissions. The associate counsel will create, manage, and close a range of contractual arrangements and other agreements about the Firm’s operations, in contrast to customer-facing business contracts. Deep contractual expertise, significant experience managing global clinical studies, top-rate financial and legal acumen, great excellence and customer service abilities, and a positive mindset are all required of the perfect applicant.

  • Monitor the schedule, deadlines are met and record the action
  • Input data into a file directory and case software solutions
  • Confirm the condition with the solicitor
  • Assist in the development of the situation by keeping in contact with those involved in the investigation
  • Schedule disposal, make preparations and forward court orders
  • Review concerns, start preparing and forward pleadings
  • Maintain communication with clients and produce a status report to keep the cases structured by arranging the files.
  • Assist case prep by drafting case outlines and materials for mediation hearings
  • Manage case expenses by confirming the remaining balance with lawyers, clients, and providers
  • Manage appropriate skills by engaging in educational programs
  • Improve trial processes by arranging evidence
  • Prepare pleadings, oversee, and get discovery replies
  • Must possess a minimum of 3 years of experience in the similar field
  • A bachelor’s degree in law or an equivalent qualification
  • Advanced critical and legal thinking skills
  • Problem fixer and decision-maker
  • Able to handle projects to a high degree
  • Work well independently
  • Able to operate under pressure
  • Efficient legal English skills
  • Hard worker, dependable, and must have great communication skills
  • Strong language and oral communicator
  • Level of detail, prioritization skills, and goal setting

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