Level 1 IT Support Job Description


IT Assistance manages computer systems for all types of businesses, offering technical support and maintaining the seamless operation of the entire operation. IT Support is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the firm’s computer networks, as well as installing, configuring, and resolving technical difficulties as they emerge. The first tier of help is frequently supplied by IT support professionals who have the least effect, have minimal knowledge of the technical challenges, and have restricted access to the files. Simple customers’ needs with restricted IT support are handled at Level 1. Level 1 technicians are responsible for handling client requests and records, responding to user email and online messages, conducting basic troubleshooting using surveys to determine the degree of support required, creating tickets for Level 2 support, providing product details, and solving basic problems such as login details issues, menu navigation, and hardware & system confirmation.

Level 1 IT Support Job Titles:

  • Level 1 IT Support
  • Level 1 Tech Support

Level 1 IT Support Job Summary:

We are looking to hire a level 1 tech support candidate for our firm who holds enough experience performing certain duties. Create precise work logs and technical information using our booking system. You should employ proper communication and recordkeeping to keep your team informed about essential issues and data that will help them perform better. Procedures that will delay, affect, or interact with operations and other software developers should be communicated and coordinated with them.

Level 1 IT Support Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Help with all aspects of dependable, efficient, integrated computer information platforms, including planning, deployment, upkeep, and certification.
  • Support and instruct all employees on how to use our computer system, desktops, and in-vehicle technology.
  • Support with the maintenance of the cooperative’s communication and data equipment and software, with a focus on radio, telephone, and computer systems, as well as their optimal interaction.
  • Deliver helpdesk assistance for most problems related to office software, technology, and ports through phone, computer, in person, and through our ticketing system.
  • Deliver 24-hour support for mission-critical hardware and applications.
  • Engage in the Tier One Support team’s agreed-upon on-call schedule.
  • Always be ready to deal with technical concerns.
  • Develop positive working connections with all collaborators.
  • Care and courteously with your peers and members.

Level 1 IT Support Job Skills and Qualification:

  • A high school diploma or GED is preferred
  • At least one year of expertise as a data entry professional is required.
  • A broad understanding of computer system applications, programs, devices, networks, and connectivity is required.
  • Ability to sustain systems software, apps, hardware, networks, and communication regularly.
  • Current technical breakthroughs in the field of interest.
  • Ability to keep track of records.
  • Ability to influence employees and students in the resolution of technical challenges.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to function hard with a broad group of people.
  • Able to recognize and organize hardware, application, and network options to solve computer problems.
  • Skill to troubleshoot and handle simple computer issues.

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