Loan Assistant Job Description


Loan assistants provide support to loan officials in the business and real estate industries. They help loan managers complete loan and security paperwork. They review mortgage documents, double-check taxes, assess collateral values, and monitor account activity. They perform contacts and loan inspections under the direction of their management. To be effective in this role, the person must be a natural customer service representative. They work for banks and are in a stronger position to determine whether or not a loan will be authorized. They must, among many other things, use lending tools, collect borrower data, generate estimated expenses, manage loan procedures, maintain accurate documentation, and clarify terms and conditions to borrowers. They should know the lending procedure, as well as dependability, morals, research skills, thoroughness, and judgment. They should do a variety of clerical, professional, and administrative tasks under guidance and following company policies and procedures.

Loan Assistant Job Titles:

  • Loan Assistant
  • Loan Officer Assistant
  • Mortgage Processor Assistant
  • Mortgage Processor Assistant

Loan Assistant Job Summary:

We’re looking for a talented candidate with a degree in finance or a related field. The loan officer assistant works directly with the banks. The key jobs include setting up things and reviewing documents as they are input for the correctness of essential documents for applying for a house loan, as well as data follow-up and tracking. They should assist loan officers with conditions, closures, and database management, among other issues. Applicants should have a high school education, a bachelor’s degree in general education, or a college credential with a finance focus. They must have at least one year of recent experience in getting approved. Proficiency in residential mortgage or creditworthiness, or a similar combination of experience and knowledge, will be required within 90 days of recruitment, as will accreditation with the global multistate licensing system and registration as a home loan arranger. Good interpersonal and customer service skills, and the ability to interact with a diverse set of people, are required. The person is detail-oriented and has good organizational skills. It is necessary to have a basic understanding of mortgage market technology as they pertain to mortgage originations.

Loan Assistant Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Assist mortgage brokers as a principal office manager.
  • Respond to written inquiries directed at the loan officer
  • Prepare memorandums as requested by the loan officer
  • Return calls and texts, handle customer demands, and make calls to the appropriate loan officer or department
  • Assist mortgage brokers as a principal office manager
  • Assist global and branch loan managers with administrative chores;
  • Create and modify pipeline info; Assist the institution with notary services being provided;
  • Collect data and other loan reports
  • Create credit and equity files.

Loan Assistant Skills and Qualification:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree in finance
  • Have at least three years of experience in a comparable field
  • Have a strong grasp of financial concepts
  • Business and negotiation skills
  • Ability to provide courteous, informative, and efficient service to consumers
  • Task management
  • Certificate program
  • Excellent communicator
  • Math and data processing skills
  • Ability to perform administrative obligations and hold clerical abilities

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