Lobby Attendant Job Description


At motels, theatres, and other public places, the lobby attendant serves as a customer service representative, greeting visitors. They should welcome visitors at the front door, guide them to the appropriate areas, and maintain the lobby. They provide service to customers by answering questions, lifting baggage, and assisting clients with disabilities. They should assist patrons in finding their places, and direct them to the restroom.  In a hotel, they might lead visitors to the front desk or other facilities such as the hotel’s gym. The lobby attendant is in charge of keeping the entrance neat and welcoming to guests. Vacuuming and dusting the floors, removing trash cans, and wiping the front desk are all tasks. They should replace supplies in the public washroom adjacent to the lobby, and they should polish or clean the entrance flooring at the end of the shift if they are paved or wooded. They make sure everything goes properly and pay attention to the visitors’ behavior at different places. Visitors should not be allowed to bring extra meals inside the theatre.

Lobby Attendant Job Titles:

  • Lobby Attendant
  • Lobby Assistant

Lobby Attendant Job Summary:

We are looking to hire a lobby attendant who has completed high school diploma and have experience performing task in hotels. We have several openings for a similar role. For all clients, prospects, patrons, and workers, the candidate will be responsible for creating a pleasant, friendly, and competent environment. The lobby attendant will aid guests and residents in navigating the hospital, coordinating transportation, and serving as a liaison with the medical personnel. The job entails greeting and acknowledging all visitors, anticipating and addressing their needs, assisting guests in all hospitality, including guest services requests, escorting all high-touch customers to their meet and greet destinations, promoting teamwork and service quality through daily interactions and cooperation with other depts, and developing and maintaining strong working relationships.

Lobby Attendant Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Clean and maintain all lobbies and public restroom
  • Clean and broom carpets, lobby entry point
  •  Empty cigarette butts and urns
  •  Polish furniture and fixtures
  •  Vacuum and polish escalator. 
  • Make Sure to keep the front of the hotel free of garbage
  •  Shine the lobby ground at night
  •  Keep the front office tidy
  •  Clean and retain the lights
  •  Keep checking the washrooms 
  •  Wash and manage all lobbies and public restrooms
  •  Properly arrange all pillows on the lounge couch
  •  Manage all cleaning materials used in the lounge
  •  Assist customers with their questions and send them to the locations they desire

Lobby Attendant Skills and Qualification:

  • A high school education or its equivalent is required
  • Must possess a minimum of 1 year of experience in the similar field
  • Courteous and welcoming manner
  • Commitment to perfection
  • Flexibility to work weekends and Sundays
  • Able to carry huge weight products
  • Good at following instructions
  •  Excellent leadership skill
  •  Task-oriented, trustworthy, and excellent communication abilities
  • Effective language and vocal communicator

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