Maintenance Apprentice Job Description


The maintenance apprentice is in charge of ensuring that industrial machinery operates efficiently and dependably. They work in industries such as manufacturing, building, and processing. A maintenance apprentice’s responsibilities include scheduling and performing routine maintenance, reacting to breakages, diagnosing defects, repairing tools, managing engineering and support staff, obtaining special components and fittings, managing the budget, maintaining proper books of accounts, ensuring compliance with safety legislation, developing periodic maintenance, and managing supplies and device stocks. They should be familiar with the various processes and strategies used in mechanical system service. They should be familiar with the various tools, industrial machinery, equipment, and processes that are used in machinery repair. They should be able to operate in a variety of shifts and interact clearly and efficiently. They must keep correct inventory data and generate reliable information. Other tasks include cleaning and cleaning equipment, dismantling and reassembling machines, and operating necessary instruments for repairing and servicing vehicles.

Maintenance Apprentice Job Titles:

  • Maintenance Apprentice
  • Maintenance Helper

Maintenance Apprentice Job Summary:

We’re seeking a high school graduate or GED holder to work as a maintenance apprentice. The candidate should be passionate about pursuing a career in equipment maintenance in a manufacturing setting. The skill to troubleshoot and fix technical, electric, mechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic faults, as well as read and interpret diagrams and ladder logic, is required for this role. In a sophisticated distribution center, the apprentice will train to install, modify, diagnose, repair, and manage electronic, industrial, computer, and control system components as a hauling maintenance specialist. It is necessary to complete an extensive classroom, lab, and on-the-job learning program. All health and safety rules and procedures will be taught to the trainee, and he or she will follow them. To identify and avoid problems, perform planned, proactive, and routine maintenance.

Maintenance Apprentice Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Undertake repair on a power system
  • Assist in the setup of the vent, refrigeration, and other systems and conduct repairs when necessary
  • Manage heating and plumbing programs to ensure performance
  • Examine the security system and arrange repair as necessary
  • Conduct pest control operations such as pesticide spraying
  • Conduct regular maintenance procedures
  • Assist in budget development and ensure it is implemented
  • Mechanical troubleshooting and maintenance on production equipment
  • Manage a healthy and safe work environment
  • Check and replace valves on equipment
  • Plant equipment inspection
  • Preparation of estimated costs for repair orders • On-time completion of job order
  • Manage and coordinate the activities of personnel providing temporary support.

Maintenance Apprentice Skills and Qualification:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Must possess a minimum of 6 months of experience in the similar field
  • Mechanical acumen
  • Willingness to work excessive hours
  • Keen attention to detail
  • Able to learn and assist others in an incredibly quick and challenging environment
  • Excellent dependability
  • Ability to lift and lift loads weighing up to 50 pounds
  • No known physical problems that would limit the range of motion
  • Able to work for extended periods 
  • No overwhelming fear of heights or confined spaces.
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