Maintenance Planner Job Description


Trying to make sure maintenance specialists have the equipment and supplies they need to perform work requests are the responsibility of a maintenance planner. If a distinct maintenance scheduler is not present, maintenance planners are also supposed to plan maintenance in a way that minimizes the effect on productivity and device downtime. A Maintenance Planner is responsible for making sure that all machinery in industrial and production setups is functioning properly because many businesses rely on the machinery that produces their products. Planners of maintenance frequently work in factories. One of the key duties of a Maintenance Planner is to maintain a plan of all necessary maintenance and labor that has been accomplished. They must keep track of the record of each piece of gear’s use and collaborate with other employees and plant management to plan routine maintenance for all machinery. To conduct maintenance duties, maintenance planners need to be familiar with all varieties of equipment and comprehend the numerous instruments that are unique to each machine. They must place orders for and maintain a stock of equipment-specific tools, materials, and parts. They are typically in charge of ensuring that every employee who performs repairs on industrial equipment is properly trained.

Maintenance Planner Job Titles:

  • Maintenance Planner

Maintenance Planner Job Summary:

We are looking to hire an experienced maintenance planner for our organization. The Planner is in charge of organizing and arranging all maintenance tasks necessary to achieve set safety, upkeep milestones, reliability of service, and financial objectives. For all vehicles, guideways, buildings, stations, electrical distribution systems, communications networks, and automatic train control mechanisms, this includes the preparation of corrective and preventative services. You would be in charge of keeping track of quality checks that ensure passengers receive safe and effective transportation service, as well as reporting on them. You should be able to speak openly and confidently with clients, vendors, and workers at all levels. You ought to be capable of implementing successful corrective actions and problem-solving techniques.

Maintenance Planner Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Create work bundles for all scheduled maintenance tasks, including routine maintenance.
  • Obtain, receive, and oversee the needed supplies for scheduled maintenance.
  • Arrange and schedule repair and maintenance tasks to improve plant and equipment availability and proficiency in supplying the production plant.
  • Schedule maintenance-related planning sessions on a weekly and daily basis.
  • To increase overall efficiency, make sure to implement MPI techniques.
  • Work together with outside providers to refurbish spare equipment.
  • Gather blueprints, instructions, and other papers to aid in repairs or adjustments made by contractors or maintenance personnel.

Maintenance Planner Job Skills and Qualification:

  • A  bachelor’s degree or technical education.
  • Minimum 5 years of expertise in the similar field
  • Strong organizational, math, language, and problem-solving abilities.
  • Possess strong mechanical and engineering principles and good eye-hand coordination.
  • Capacity to meet deadlines,
  • Attention to detail
  • Form and direct teams
  • Making plans for all plant equipment maintenance
  • Identifying the equipment and materials required for each unique type of machine
  • Knowledge of fundamental financial principles, including estimation and budgeting
  • Strong proficiency with Microsoft products, such as Excel

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