Manufacturing Associate Job Description


Manufacturing associates work in the industrial sector and are responsible for overseeing the proper usage of technology as well as the quality of the products created. They examine products and components, analyze technical drawings, execute manufacturing documentation, follow best practices in the production process, guide the production team, and prepare reports, among other things. They organize materials for operations, run industrial gear such as washers, and keep material inventories up to date. They are also in charge of evaluating acquired equipment’s components, as well as participating in-process inspections. They examine and implement manufacturing-related documentation, as well as identify and resolve any difficulties that arise during the production process. Leading management by managing stock and handling material repair sourcing, switching on the device at the beginning of the shift and off at the end of the workday, ordering material necessary for the production, scheduling regular tools maintenance and performing repairs when needed, evaluating the quality of finished goods, and maintain records are just a few of the other obligations they have.

Manufacturing Associate Job Titles:

  • Manufacturing Associate
  • Manufacturing Assistant

Manufacturing Associate Job Summary:

We’re seeking a production associate who will be capable of carrying out all manufacturing activities in a production plant while following all environmental, economic, and safety norms, as well as any other regulatory requirements. Under the supervision and guidance of the head technician and the overall direction of the manager, the candidate must actively engage in both departmental projects and any high-quality workgroups that may be relevant. Will be in charge of the day-to-day implementation of all manufacturing activities. Supports all local production facilities, examines manufactured goods for discrepancies, supplies parts, individual components, glasses, pipes, and other items to cell culture and purification regions, performs general manufacturing equipment, completes necessary documentation according to state rules, and individually cleans all equipment and mechanical components are among the job responsibilities.

Manufacturing Associate Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Inspect parts, modules, materials, and gear that have been purchased.
  • Guide and support the selection of procedures, sequences, and processes, as well as their execution.
  • Work with technical drawings, spec sheets, drawings, requirements, and computers to complete tasks.
  • Make use of the ERP system to double-check product documentation.
  • Determine the best plan of action for carrying out the process effectively.
  • Prepare autoclavable components and equipment
  • Examine and implement production documents.
  • Assist in the debugging process and technical issues
  •  Identify problems throughout the production process
  • Assist with the closure of process deviations, as well as investigations and remedial actions
  • Maintain clean workspace and conduct all quality check

Manufacturing Associate Skills and Qualification:

  • A high school diploma or its equivalent is required.
  • Should have an average of 2 years of experience in a related field
  • Manufacturing expertise would be advantageous
  • Strong understanding of legal requirements
  • Good understanding of devices used in the production process
  • Operating power equipment and factory vehicles such as forklifts
  • Approachable, dependable, and must have good communication skills

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