Manufacturing Production Assistant Job Description


A manufacturing production assistant’s job entails aiding production managers and keeping track of the program schedule. They must load and reload material from conveyors and equipment, as well as to conduct basic assembly jobs. Workers assist with quality control and technical difficulties relating to all activities that take place on the floor. They should notify superiors, such as top managers and operation directors if there is a breakdown. They could work in a production or engineering company. A manufacturing production assistant’s specific responsibilities include overseeing store loading, monitoring program schedules, aiding project managers, managing day-to-day admin duties, serve as a liaison between the production system and manufacturing, making sure that all raw ingredients are stocked in sufficient amounts, providing workers and techs with the necessary machinery, and a variety of other duties as needed.

Manufacturing Production Assistant Job Titles:

  • Manufacturing Production Assistant
  • Production Assistant

Manufacturing Production Assistant Job Summary:

We need a manufacturing production assistant with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering or a similar subject. To enable successful implementation of role tasks, work in a factory setting following proper policies and procedures. Among the responsibilities of the job assist in the functioning of filling line and packing equipment, does basic product checks throughout the operation, and packs off the final product. Packs final product packets and makes basic mechanical repairs. This is where you will spend roughly 40% of their day performing these tasks. Our ideal applicant will have industrial production experience, basic logistics knowledge, loading, reloading, and tape gun expertise, be a team member with strong social skills, have greater mobility, and have exceptional attendance. The purpose is to ensure that the production process is both efficient and effective and that it fits the needs of the customers.

Manufacturing Production Assistant Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Assist the production team with production-related tasks
  • Take priority, schedule, and maintain production activities to meet production objectives on time
  • Identify manufacturing problems, analyze root cause, and find solutions
  • Handle inventory and inform stockroom status to the supervisor
  • Create a production plan and set to ensure the continued operation
  • Create a logistic strategy to prevent downtime
  • Assist the management in the processing and analysis of the budget.
  • Create process improvements to improve operational efficiencies
  • Improve customer satisfaction by immediately addressing customer concerns
  • Discuss production updates and faults to management regularly
  • Work with the management on budget analysis and forecasting

Manufacturing Production Assistant Skills and Qualification:

  • A bachelor’s degree in computer engineering is required, as well as a minimum of three years of experience in a related sector.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills are required
  • Ability to work in shifts and the ability to utilize measuring equipment
  • Ability to operate alone or in a team
  • Reading and writing skills are required to complete different production records.
  • To monitor the product, you must be able to utilize your judgment.
  • Must be able to follow standard directions and collaborate successfully with others.
  • To stand for an 8-hour shift, you must have the physical ability, strength, and endurance.

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