Material Handler Forklift Operator Job Description


A material handler is responsible for the storage, transportation, and management of harmful and non-hazardous goods. Their responsibilities include moving products, logging shipments, and checking supplies. They are also known as warehouse associates. They do not require formal schooling, but they do need on-the-job learning. Within a facility, they manage, transport, and store a variety of non-hazardous and toxic substances. Their primary responsibilities include transferring various transport items, tracking inventory conditions, and ensuring that deliveries are made following purchases. In major corporations, a Material Handler is obliged to perform with and manage a team of employees, as well as guide them efficiently. Depending on the type of job or sector, the responsibilities and place will differ. However, the majority of the jobs will necessitate mechanical efficiency, communication skills, and meticulous attention to detail. A material handler and forklift loader must also keep track of goods and maintain records of overall operations, deliver materials on time and budget, and communicate and coordinate with teammates and superiors.

Material Handler Forklift Operator Job Titles:

  • Material Handler Forklift Operator
  • Forklift Operator

Material Handler Forklift Operator Job Summary:

To join our warehouse division, we’re searching for a self-motivated and skilled material handler. We are keen on you if you are a hard-working person who can perform things satisfactorily with little to no oversight. You will be capable of tracking warehouse inventories, logging requests, and storing products in this role. Our ideal candidate should be able to exhibit remarkable physical health in addition to having good written and verbal communication abilities. You’ll also have a thorough understanding of warehouse industrial machinery like jacks, forklifts, and booms.

Material Handler Forklift Operator Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Taking stock from loading bays, delivery vehicles, storage places, and production sites and loading and unloading it.
  • Ascertaining that all incoming deliveries are following the company’s purchase agreement.
  • Utilizing cargo boards and pallets to store freight in designated locations.
  • Stock management entails locating, categorizing, and storing inventory.
  • Utilizing production records, keep track of the number of items handled and transferred each day.
  • Handling commodities and inventories with diverse machinery such as booms, cameras, cranes, and forklifts.
  • Evaluating pick sheets depending on client requests and selecting the correct products for each occasion
  • Supply levels are being tracked, and buying suggestions are being submitted regularly.
  • Taking stock from loading bays, delivery vehicles, storage places, and production sites and loading and unloading it.
  • Make contact with merchants to arrange pick-ups or refunds.
  • All safety & health laws are followed.

Material Handler Forklift Operator Job Skills and Qualification:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent
  • More than 2 years of expertise in a similar role
  • Forklift certification from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a plus.
  • Physical strength should be great, with the capacity to lift to 100 pounds.
  • Holidays, public holidays, and evenings should be available for overtime labor.
  • Reading and analyzing skills
  • Ability to prioritize objectives and meet multiple deadlines
  • Time management should be excellent.
  • Mindset for process development
  • Inventory management expertise

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