Medical Representative Job Description


Medical sales representatives, also known as pharmaceutical sales representatives, distribute and promote medicines, prescription pills, and medical devices for companies. They use a variety of tactics to increase awareness of a company’s medical goods. They make ensure that a treatment center has all of the medical aid it needs to function and treat its patients. In addition, these experts use a variety of tactics to increase awareness about the things they sell. Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists are examples of consumers. The medical representative will raise brand awareness, respond to questions, offer guidance, and launch new products. Medical representatives are employed by the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Many organizations prefer graduates with relevant degrees in biosciences, pharmacy, health, nursing, or dentistry, however, some may consider applicants with any degree background. Weekends and shifts are often excluded from working time, as are frequent extra hours and some evenings. Because of the commute time, the operating day can belong, and you may be required to interact with clients, have breakfast talks, or give lectures in the evenings at a nearby hotel or conference site.

Medical Representative Job Titles:

  • Medical Representative
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Medical Representative Job Summary:

We’re seeking a medical representative to work in our firm. The medical representative’s duties include encouraging potential consumers to buy corporate pharmaceuticals, detecting potential business prospects, and sending user feedback to the appropriate departments. You should also be able to join periodic training sessions held by the organization. You must be able to display strong customer service skills and create relationships with potential consumers to remain effective as a medical representative. In the end, a great Medical Representative should be able to consistently reach or exceed the firm’s sales goals.

Medical Representative Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Doctors, pharmacists, and other essential care providers are sold the company’s drugs.
  • Making doctor appointments, pharmacists, and other medical experts to push business medicines.
  • Getting a thorough understanding of the company’s drugs.
  • Developing and maintaining positive customer connections to drive repeat business.
  • Checking up on leads that the company has created.
  • Putting together proposals for new clients.
  • Examining the drugs of rivals and their stock performance
  • Staying up with new advances in the medical sector to assess their impact on the company’s commercial objectives.
  • Conducting competitor research to determine the profitability and worth of the goods they are offering
  • Developing pitches that demonstrate the value of their pharmaceutical drug to patients
  • Gathering with medical researchers to learn more about specific items
  • Checking up with doctors to learn about their reactions to your medical items.

Medical Representative Job Skills and Qualification:

  • A bachelor’s degree in life science, pharmacy, or nursing is required
  • Ability to communicate clearly
  • Medical sales experience is a must.
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint are all skills needed
  • A valid driver’s license is required.
  • Excellent negotiating skills.
  • Commercial awareness is important.
  • Communication and research abilities
  • Endurance
  • Negotiation and collaboration skills
  • Patience

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