Member Service Representative Job Description


A member service representative is in charge of giving help to a firm’s customers. Responding to customer complaints and queries, establishing efficient sales pitches, handling client needs and instructions, generating reports, establishing suggestions to enhance the operation’s achievement, and ramping up high-level concerns are all responsibilities of member service representatives. They are in charge of receiving and handling phone and written inquiries, issues, demands, and complaints from customers and potential recruits. They should give great customer service to consumers to assure complete satisfaction by responding to their demands and issues through good communication and member engagement. The professional must create an internal business strategy that allows branch executives and the family services staff to manage essential monthly duties efficiently. A member support representative should have exceptional customer service abilities, as well as the ability to function effectively, perform under pressure, and assist people with minimum supervision.

Member Service Representative Job Titles:

  • Member Service Representative
  • Member Service Agent

Member Service Representative Job Summary:

We’re looking for a dedicated Member Service Representative to handle all membership-related queries, demands, and complaints. Receiving and guiding phone calls, aiding with membership-related problems, addressing grievances, and processing payments are all part of your job description. Customer service skills and a commitment to work with people are required for success as a member service representative. A top-notch client care person should be able to provide outstanding member service and answer inquiries and concerns in a polite and timely way.

Member Service Representative Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Handling inquiries, problems, and complaints about membership over the phone and in writing.
  • Membership costs, policies, methods, perks, products, and services are all explained.
  • Listening attentively to and understanding the needs of members.
  • Cross-selling and suggesting goods and services to current and prospective members.
  • Membership and payment concerns are investigated, resolved, or escalated.
  • determining the eligibility of members and processing costs, requests, and demands
  • Keep proper membership data and record all queries
  • Handle deposits, transfers, and reimbursements following applicable policies.
  • Execute cashier’s, traveler’s, and fund transfer requests received over the counter.
  • monitor each cash register and reconcile at the end of the shift.
  • Handle files, complete regulatory reports, and assist others.
  • Participate in self-improvement and training opportunities.
  • Personal talents can be acquired through internal or external programs
  • Consumer emails and messages about internet banking inquiries are received and responded to.
  • Complete all teller tasks while using suggestive selling tactics to cross-sell credit union goods.
  • Compile and provide a PowerPoint briefing to senior and executive management on all key incidents.
  • Perform everyday transactions such as account opening and IRA setup
  • Navigate files located in many sites, including Intranet, web, and network storage, to consolidate large amounts of data.
  • Support with plan comparisons, website navigation, marketplaces, and affordable Care Act inquiries.

Member Service Representative Skills and Qualification:

  • A high school diploma is required
  • Expertise in customer service is necessary.
  • Sales expertise is advantageous.
  • Strong written and verbal communication abilities.
  • Strong interpersonal and listening abilities.
  • Strong focus on the details.
  • Knowledgeable in computers

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