Nurse Apprentice Job Description


After finishing a practical nursing or certified nursing program, a nurse apprentice serves in a medical facility. After finishing their degree, they can begin their nursing job and earn income. A specified list of permitted clinical services must be able to be performed by the trainee. They gain skills and experience while doing their profession, and they can continue their education by enrolling in specialized nursing programs. The program offers a flexible work-based strategy that combines study and on-the-job learning to help students enhance their knowledge, abilities, and critical thinking while achieving their degrees. As they progress, the nursing apprentice will apply what they’ve learned. They can quickly apply their newly acquired talents in a real-life situation. They must spend four days on the job and one day in a training facility. They should improve their maths and English abilities. The job will assist in obtaining a competency and learning certification.

Nurse Apprentice Job Titles:

  • Nurse Apprentice
  • Nurse Assistant

Nurse Apprentice Job Summary:

We’re seeking a qualified candidate with a nursing degree to join our team. You must be registered in an authorized BSN program and the last year of your program. Modules in the school nursing program must have been finished in the sophomore and junior grades. CPR and BLS certificates are required. It is preferable to have prior expertise with indirect patient care. Must be able to communicate well both verbally and in writing. A working grasp of computer abilities and programs is required. Shows the ability to prioritize and operate independently. Patients that are aggressive and confrontational may be encountered in the workplace. Applicants chosen for these roles must undergo a background check and have their employment records and education verified. Under the supervision of the department manager, registered nurse, the Certified Nurse Apprentice offers superior, patient-centered treatment. Assists or executes clinical nurse skills or technical components of hospital care under the guidance of the RN for which she has recently achieved courses in her nursing program.

Nurse Apprentice Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Assisting patients and familiarising them with the room and facilities
  • Replacing bed linens
  • Transferring patients
  • Collecting specimens for testing
  • Installing IVs
  • Monitoring and recording vital signs
  • Removal sutures or staples
  • Changing bandages
  • Bathing and clothing patients
  • Recording a patient’s fluid intake and output
  • Attending a staff meeting
  • Performing the more difficult activity
  • Providing basic care to the patients
  • Assisting patients with everyday activities

Nurse Apprentice Skills and Qualification:

  • Bachelor degree in nursing
  • Completion of a registered nursing degree
  • Ability to work flexible schedules
  • Skill and understanding of medical research trials
  • Highly organized with exceptional attention to detail
  • Ability to prioritize and handle many activities
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Must have good IT abilities and a functional understanding of computer software
  • Must be able to travel
  • Must have a driver’s license and access to a vehicle
  • Assigning nursing staff necessitates organizational skills.
  • Illustrates a fundamental understanding of nursing methods, procedures, and gear, as well as associated laws.
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