Office Attendant Job Description


When clients come to the workplace, the office attendant is liable for doing clerical chores and greeting them. They work in a variety of industries, including financial services, medical centers, and huge corporations. They should be able to handle multiple tasks at once and have great multi-tasking skills. The office attendant’s role is to offer clients reliable information, scheduling and tracking appointments for senior management employees, and acting as a personal contact when guests arrive. They should answer the phone and text orders, organize and disperse incoming messages, send out external mail, receive and send faxes, and do other duties. They should have high attention to detail and provide prompt courteous service. They should keep the workplace tidy and well-stocked. They must pay attention to the needs of their customers and politely deliver assistance if needed.

Office Attendant Job Titles:

  • Office Attendant
  • Office Assistant

Office Attendant Job Summary:

We’re searching for someone to join our group as an office assistant. You must be at least 18 years old and ready to operate from home. You’re a self-starter who jumps right into whatever task you’re assigned. You don’t need to wait for deadlines or postpone your task. You are a highly organized person who must cross items off your to-do list and maintain a clean mailbox. You’re a vivacious and motivated individual who enjoys functioning in a private office as part of a tight-knit group. You should possess a wrap attitude and professionalism, and you can work effectively and productively in an industrial environment. Sorting, preparing presentations, preparing up a conference, and restocking materials are examples of office tasks. You should have a strong desire to solve difficulties. You must be a genuine self who is smart, adaptable, and interacting with others. Make the workspace a pleasant and productive location for our staff to work.

Office Attendant Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Deal with customers, guests, and suppliers
  • Organize and deliver incoming messages
  • Hold meetings by renting a space and arranging refreshments
  • Take a printout, copy, and file records
  • Modify files for authenticity
  • Keep detailed records and manage data
  • Aid with planning an event as needed
  • Conduct study and assemble facts
  • Confirm delivered goods and transfer them to the appropriate person
  • Perform administrative activities
  • Communicate with managers as needed aid in the setup of fresh customer accounts
  • Manage accounting database records
  • Replace hospitality on occasion
  • Maintain a supply of materials by forecasting task requirements
  • Assist with customer greeting as needed

Office Attendant Skills and Qualification:

  • A school diploma or its equal is required
  • Must possess a minimum of 2 years of experience in the similar field
  • Attention to detail
  • Personal skills
  • Pleasant and aesthetic appeal
  • Endurance to carry large loads
  • Consciousness and responsiveness
  • Fundamental software and maths expertise
  • Excellent data entry skill• Members of the team
  • Good at following directions with limited oversight
  • Polite and respectful, organized, and integrity
  • Be able to plan and manage meetings
  • Ability to manage emails and calls
  • Dutiful, dependable, and an excellent communicator
  • Better verbal and oral writing skills

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