Office Support Job Description


Typing, clerical work, accounting, phone, front desk reception, system forming, and supply maintenance are all tasks that office support specialists are responsible for. Based on the company’s demands, they handle organization and clerical tasks. Incoming calls and other methods of expression will be handled by office support, who will also greet customers and clients, manage files, update documents and other papers, and conduct other tasks. Other office support responsibilities include responding to the phone network and directing phone calls, developing and sustaining filing and storage solutions, timetabling travel arrangements for senior managers, greeting consumers and distributors upon entrance and guiding them to the appropriate office, sustaining office depot inventory, assisting HR with grouping and compiling resumes, light bookkeeping duties, and creating, editing, and updating the spreadsheet.

Office Support Job Titles:

  • Office Support
  • Office Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Office Support ( Part-Time)
  • Receptionist

Office Support Job Summary:

We’re seeking a qualified applicant with a bachelor’s or master’s degree. We’re looking for someone to join our group as an Office Assistant. Offer team and office location assistance, as well as executive support to a variety of leaders with complicated organizational tasks. To fulfill goals and perform well in a group environment, execute allocated non-routine activities independently. Assist the office’s main support staff and act as a bridge between the leaders and their company. To help the company succeed, you will execute administrative and clerical tasks. A basic understanding of how to handle a multi-function printer with a scanner, as well as computer knowledge, is required. Draft letters and other legal letters, plan and book appointments and occurrences, welcome and aid onsite visitors, design and implement organized files and records, prepare and analyze worksite statistical reports, recognize new ways to create value actively, accept new activities to help the site group be more efficient, recognizing new ways to create value consciously, getting new tasks that help the leader be more constructive.

Office Support Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Answering phones and other methods of communication
  • Managing file systems
  • Entering data as needed
  • Greeting customers and clients
  • Replacing paper, keeping papers, and word editing
  • Assisting in the organization and upkeep of office common spaces
  • Update supply inventory aid with customer reception as required
  • Virtual assistant expertise
  • Develop, manage, and enter data into a spreadsheet
  • Plan travel by reserving accommodations and reservations

Office Support Skills and Qualification:

  • Bachelor degree or high school diploma
  • Must possess a minimum of 3 years of experience in the similar field
  • Ability to write properly and assist with word editing
  • Warm attitude
  • Ability to operate under limited guidance
  • Possession of a valid driver’s license
  • Client service expertise
  • Administration expertise
  • Familiarity with mobile technologies
  • A pleasant and cheerful demeanor
  • Must maintain a high degree of professionalism and a cheerful attitude when engaging with coworkers, clients, visitors, and other office staff
  • Must be a self-starter good enough to take on duties with little instruction or supervision 
  • Must be confident especially in a fast atmosphere with various assignments and tight deadlines as a good team player

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