Operational Risk Analyst Job Description


An operational risk analyst assists a company in reducing the risk posed by internal procedures, systems, and personnel. They follow the operation’s course, documenting it and tightening procedures if needed. They require gathering operational risk data from various sources, as well as doing statistical analysis to estimate risk. They’re in charge of reviewing and analyzing new procedures, as well as ensuring that enough risk assessment oversight and technology are in place to measure, track, and mitigate such threats. They collect data and information on KRIs and KPIs, as well as assist with the development and evaluation of each indicator as needed. The analyst’s responsibilities include recognizing operational risk patterns in the asset management process to develop risk reduction measures for future improvements. In addition, the position entails supervising the creation of action plans to fix important risks in the wealth management system.

Operational Risk Analyst Job Titles:

  • Operation Risk Analyst

Operational Risk Analyst Job Summary:

We’re searching for an operational risk analyst with a bachelor’s degree and professional experience. You know how to structure risk mitigation by combining strategy, tech, and individuals to establish standardized procedures and frameworks for customers. In this position, you will collaborate in risk evaluation and wireframes to explain the internal control, create new internal procedures, recognize potential improvement possibilities, and assist in the creation of important risk signs to continuously monitor hazards. Carry out periodic risk evaluation of areas of operation to recognize possible risks, including the paperwork of risks, recognition of responsible parties, and managing risk, and create positive relations with clients and peer groups to support in the design and validation of our system of internal control, while assisting wider risk management plan. Other responsibilities include facilitating effective risk mitigation plans, providing mentors to regulate performers and organizational leadership about internal management gaps or deficits and assisting in their remedial work, and engaging with project staff to make sure fresh applications are established with suitable control environment.

Operational Risk Analyst Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Identify, evaluate, analyze, and handle risk exposures in functional areas
  • Implement strategies for preventing, removing, and mitigating risk assessment
  • Monitor and record operational key risks regularly
  • Begin preparing and maintaining risk assessment records, risk policies, and risk reports
  • Deliver timely updates to the supervisor on risk control discussions and challenges
  • Adopt risk management policies and processes that are in step with regulatory and legal changes.
  • To detect and mitigate operational hazards, develop key risk and compliance indicators.
  • Ensure that operational processes are continually improved to avoid dangers.
  • Work with professional sectors to understand the technology, drivers, concerns, plans, and offer support to manage risk by giving presentations and seminars on risk identification and management.

Operational Risk Analyst Skills and Qualification:

  • Bachelor degree
  • Must possess a minimum of 3 years of experience in the similar field
  • Able to stay focused on the task and fulfill deadlines
  • Computer and problem-solving skills
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Self-starter
  • Strong understanding of risk management analysis
  • Ability to build relationships with all levels of management

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