Order Filler Job Description


An order filler is a specialist who ensures that when requests are issued from a facility, they are always completed and correct. They physically grab items off the racks and pick ticket orders from warehouse personnel and management must ensure precise delivery of store products. Also packs purchases, including shrink packing goods onto bundles, and loads them onto vehicles for distribution, ensuring that orders are precise and stock levels are regularly updated for a seamless warehouse flow. Order fillers may operate as part of a logistics team and must be confident executing a variety of jobs indoors. Order-filling jobs are typically entry-level, with the majority of the necessary skills and training learned on the job. Since order fillers must be able to interpret written lists specifying which goods and amounts a client has purchased, basic literacy is usually a necessity for order-filling roles. Order fillers should also be able to recall where products are stored in a facility, stay calm and efficient under stress, collaborate well with others, and pack and dispatch items according to established procedures.

Order Filler Job Titles:

  • Order Filler
  • Order Picker

Order Filler Job Summary:

We’re searching for an order filler to join our team. This person will read order details and select the appropriate items from the storage to be staged for shipment. Operating heavy gear as required, changing inventory counts in the inventory control system, and transferring products around the facility to the staging ground are all duties of the order filler. Acquiring order records to complete deliveries, choosing order forms from storage areas or rooms using barcodes and model numbers, and carefully shrink-wrapping products before packaging them in enclosures or boxes are just a few of the additional responsibilities. In the end, you’ll work with a small team of order fillers and other logistics employees to guarantee that customer requests are completed.

Order Filler Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Take care of orders for both goods and services.
  • Identify the item on the order slip in the storage room or distribution facility.
  • Pick items from the store shelves.
  • Plastic wrap, foam, and filling are used to protect products and assure it does not break.
  • Confirm that the order can be executed by checking inventory.
  • If an inventory is low, notify the staff.
  • Mark the boxes with shipping labels.
  • Check that consumer information on labeling is valid.
  • Make shipping arrangements and have the package picked up.
  • Maintain inventory and delivery records.
  • Collaborate with the warehouse crew to organize inventory and remove it from the shelves.

Order Filler Skills and Qualification:

  • A high school diploma or GED is preferred
  • Minimum 1 year of expertise in a similar field
  • Dealing with an RF Scanner is suggested.
  • Capacity to Lift Heavy Goods
  • Keen Attention to Detail
  • Possessing the ability to stay on one’s feet for extended periods
  • Possessing a good attitude
  • Self-motivated
  • Active
  • Security Conscious
  • Skills to Manage in a diverse, fast-paced workplace
  • Capacity to Work in a Cold Environment

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