Orthodontic Assistant Job Description


The orthodontic assistant assists orthodontics and helps to perform treatment ensures that patients are well-informed about orthodontic operations and braces aftercare. Their responsibilities differ from those of an assistant. They should devote more time to dealing with each person individually. Their main duties include assisting dentists during procedures, suctioning, and passing equipment. They are more self-sufficient, with the flexibility to make decisions based on their judgment in most cases. Making an imprint in the patient’s mouth, obtaining x-rays, swapping out wire and brackets, tying up the patient’s record, offering oral hygiene training, and sterilizing devices and equipment are all frequent tasks they should undertake. To be successful in this profession, they must have proper hand synchronization and physical dexterity to keep patients healthy during the process. They should be able to show patience and strong organizing abilities.

Orthodontic Assistant Job Titles:

  • Orthodontic Assistant
  • Orthodontic Dental Assistant

Orthodontic Assistant Job Summary:

We’re looking for an orthodontic assistant with a relevant high school education or bachelor’s degree. Excellent opportunity for an expert orthodontic assistant to join a well-established office dedicated to quality. We are searching for a self-motivated, optimistic, and trustworthy employee that is committed to providing outstanding customer service and a pleasant experience to all of our clients. Because we are a digital office, computing skills are needed. Constructing a trusting relationship with patients, ensuring that every doctor has the best possible experience, educating patients on orthodontic treatment including the use of monitoring system, aiding nursing treatment, including helping in the placement and removal of fixed brackets, and taking complete records, including Panos, caps, and 3-D tests are all part of the job tasks. They must keep track of patients’ records and precisely copy doctor comments, as well as to conduct laboratory operations, handle the remote support dashboard, keep seats packed and arranged, and clean, sanitize, and ready equipment.

Orthodontic Assistant Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Ensure that all orthodontic instruments and gear are thoroughly sanitized before each use
  • Maintain the patient’s mouth clean during the process by utilizing a suction hose as required
  • Perform a dental x-ray of the patient’s mouth
  • Photograph the patient’s teeth to help the orthodontist decide on a medication regimen and to keep track of their progress.
  • Take dental impressions of the patient’s mouth to create personalized facemasks and retainers.
  • Replace the wire, coil band, donuts, and elastics with new ones.

Orthodontic Assistant Skills and Qualification:

  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Have at least 3 years of experience in a related field
  • Have an academic degree in oral assisting
  • Be certified as an orthodontic assistant by DANB
  • Have a license to give orthodontic help
  • Have CPR certification
  • Excellent hand dexterity
  • Comprehensive understanding of orthodontic treatments
  • EFODA certification
  • X-ray license is essential
  • Excellent interaction and client service abilities
  • The ability to move to other workplaces in the area is required.
  • Ability to work as part of a team while also being able to work effectively when needed
  • A sensitive and caring person

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