Painter Helper Job Description


A painter helper is a person who assists a trained painter by doing things like holding and providing tools and maintaining the work environment and gear clean. Gearing up the location for painting, transferring paint, devices, and supplies to the site, arranging ladder rungs and stairways, painting with rollers and spray applicators, filling and repairing gaps; combining paints, utilizing appropriate proportion and hue; and taking responsibility for managing neatness of workspaces are among some of the common duties undertaken by the painter helper. They help with painting tasks such as preparatory work and cleanup, as well as scrubbing, taping, and polishing. They prepare, paint, and clean those areas using a variety of hand tools, and based on the company and task, they may operate indoors or outside. Painter assistants operate mostly in the automotive segment, and they might work alone or in groups with other painting assistants. They serve in docks, workshops, production lines, and for big and medium construction enterprises, and they are usually overseen and report to senior painters or supervisors.

Painter Helper Job Titles:

  • Painter Helper
  • Painter Assistant
  • Automotive Painter Helper
  • Industrial Painter Helper

Painter Helper Job Summary:

We’re seeking a painter helper to join our group and have expertise in a similar field. Apply paint, varnish, wax, lacquer, and other treatments, scrub, sanding, primer, or coat surfaces preparatory to painting, clean panels to ensure appropriate adhesion, and cover areas with fabric or plastic to provide safety are among the primary activities to be accomplished. Few other duties include moving furniture and equipment as needed, painting numerous coats according to the manufacturer’s instructions, taping off sections as needed, and applying touch-ups or additional coats as required. When completed, clean up all tools, including paintbrushes and sprayers, and use spray guns to reach the upper roofs or walls using tall ladders.

Painter Helper Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Help painters, bricklayers, or masons with support jobs.
  • Provide protective coatings to products or places that could be harmed or discolored by work procedures, such as adhesive tape.
  • Utilizing polishing and buffing tools and materials, smooth the surfaces of the products to be painted
  • Before painting, replace any fittings such as photos, door handles, lights, or electric switch guards.
  • Ensure that coatings adhere correctly, cleanse and prepare areas with oil, turpentine, fungus treatment, or other procedures, and sand rough places.
  • Stripping, polishing, wire scrubbing, scorching, or abrasive blasting are all options for removing old coatings.

Painter Helper Skills and Qualification:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • More than 1 year of experience in similar filed
  • An expert understanding of how to manage a paint booth is required.
  • Wet-painting skills and expertise in surface preparation procedures
  • Work solo or as part of an organized team to complete needed tasks
  • Ability to detect and effectively fix paint surface flaws
  • Exceptional focus on detail
  • Working in a fast-paced atmosphere is a plus
  • Ability to communicate directions to other staff in a polite manner
  • Ability to describe issues, gather evidence, provide evidence, and form sound conclusions

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