Pathology Assistant Job Description


A pathology assistant must inspect, dissect, and prepare tissue samples under the guidance of pathologists. They are highly qualified health experts who do legal and medical autopsies, as well as some diagnostics by operating on the sample. They work in hospitals, pathological labs, forensic labs, and morgues, among other settings. They perform a variety of schedules and spend significant amounts of time inside a laboratory. Pathologists, medical lab, scientists, physicians, and nurses collaborate with pathology assistants. Submitting tissue samples for analysis, examining the vital organ removed during the surgical procedure, performing postmortem examinations, taking photos of the body and personal organs, researching and training pathology citizens, and assisting students and other lab employees are some of their common responsibilities. To work as a pathology assistant, you must have at least a master’s degree. They generally earn bachelor’s degrees in biology or chemistry. These programs assist the helper in carrying out study and investigating duties. They should be familiar with the use of different chemicals and pathological research gear.

Pathology Assistant Job Titles:

  • Pathology Assistant
  • Medical assistant

Pathology Assistant Job Summary:

We are searching for a successful applicant with a pathology degree to join our team. The job scenario is based on a member of the American Society of Clinical Pathologists’ examination of the obligations of pathologists’ assistants from the AAPA Code of Regulations. A pathologists’ assistant might indeed perform various tasks and take accountability for duties under the control and guidance of a pathologist assuring suitable sample accessioning, acquiring a patient diagnosis, including scan results, x-rays, and lab results, explaining gross anatomic highlights, dissecting surgical samples, and preparing cells for histologic handling, Collecting biological evidence such as plasma, tissues, and toxic substances for investigations such as flow cytometry, image processing, immunohistochemistry, and specific processes, as well as documenting all relevant gross samples and microscopic images.

Pathology Assistant Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Assist the pathologist with the collection, dissection, descriptive autopsy, and histological testing of a variety of anatomical samples.
  • Oversee and instruct entry-level associates in technique and processes under the supervision of medical experts who offer protocol guidelines.
  • Follow the approved procedure and operational limitations for performing frozen segments and other treatments.
  • Arrange for the collection of tissue specimens for study purpose
  • Participate in the labeling of the sample, specimen handling and disposal, and upkeep of reagents and gear
  • Prepare autopsy exam records
  • Evaluate, analyze, and research results
  • Manage computerized data and ensure that specimen imaging is of a high grade.

Pathology Assistant Skills and Qualification:

  • Strong understanding of certification and licensing criteria and standards
  • Able to maintain hygiene, safety, and disease management standards
  • Record-keeping abilities thorough understanding of pathological processes, methods, and tactics
  • Must have a least of 3 years of experience in a related area
  • A New York State Pathologist Assistant License OR a New York State Pathologist Assistant Permit is required.
  • Excellent oral and writing interaction, problem-solving, and organizational abilities.
  • Basic computer abilities, particularly Word and Excel in Microsoft Office.
  • Ability to retain a professional demeanor in the face of adversity.

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