Patient Care Associate Job Description


The patient care associate provides basic healthcare and long-term everyday life amenities to hospital patients. It’s a fast-expanding sector, and many older individuals used to employ patient care colleagues to help them at residence. They are also known as registered nurse assistants and give patients with acute care services. They are responsible for a variety of tasks, including bathing residents, changing their pillows and bedsheets, delivering patient meals, administering medication, and adhering to safety procedures. They help patients achieve their recovery goals by collaborating with the nursing team and physical and occupational therapy. Hospitals, care homes, local hospitals, laboratories, and clinics may hire them.

Patient Care Associate Job Titles:

  • Patient Care Assistant
  • Patient Care Associate
  • Patient Care Attendant

Patient Care Associate Job Summary:

We’re looking for a patient care associate with at least a high school diploma. They’ll be in charge of aiding patient handling activities, providing basic healthcare to seriously ill patients, helping in the upkeep of a safe and healthy environment, and performing EKGs and Interventional procedures as directed by the Registered Nurse. As a patient care associate, you’ll be in charge of making a good impression, providing exceptional customer service, and ensuring that patients have a pleasant experience. Our CSAs work in a team-based care environment at our facility, assisting patients and family members with self-management, consciousness, and behavior change while following the hospital’s stated mission. Tests vital signs, needs to weigh patients, acquires specimens, and records findings on the hospital ward; directs patients about how to procure samples for lab testing; perform routine specimen health check using the dipstick and gets ready the space for examination, which include washing and sterilizing equipment and devices.

Patient Care Associate Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Take vital signs and write them down on a medical chart.
  • Assist with test sample collection
  • Transport patient from the operation room, labs, and examining space
  • Upload insurance data and patient papers into the EMR
  • Assign ICU division by the administration to ensure the quality of care and promote patient experience
  • Helps patients who require assistance moving or standing
  • Communicates the patient’s preferences to the nurse and physicians
  • Feeds patients and ensures they adhere to particular dietary requirements
  • Assists persons and administers medicines as needed
  • Lifts and moves patients to avoid bedsores

Patient Care Associate Skills and Qualification:

  • Must complete a government registered nurse course
  • Must complete the government certification exam for licensure
  • Must have a minimum of 3 years of experience in a related field
  • Has a solid knowledge of clinical terminology, illness, and procedures
  • Has a fundamental grasp of basic first aid and CPR
  • Ability to work without guidance
  • Self-disciplined, dependable, and must have effective communication abilities
  • Effective language and spoken communication skills
  • Careful attention, prioritization skills, and multitasking 
  • Have high muscular endurance
  • Maintain patient privacy

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