Patient Service Representative Job Description


A Patient Service Representative is a person who is in charge of booking medical appointments and calling individuals to remind them of their meetings. They keep patients informed about setbacks or longer waits so they can be seen on time, and they update their data at each appointment. A patient services specialist is a customer service professional who works in a healthcare facility and gathers data from patients before hospital appointments and answers billing inquiries. They operate at the front desk of a medical facility, where they interact with patients verbally and in writing. Entering data for sick people into electronic health records, enrolling, planning, and re-scheduling clients for initial consultations and follow-ups, notifying patients over the mobile or handling documents in-person to obtain data about the patient’s past therapies and other historical clinical records, including medicines and surgery history, responding health questions about invoicing and payouts, and monitoring patients are some of the daily duties of a patient service rep.

Patient Service Representative Job Titles:

  • Patient Service Representative
  • Medical Patient Service Executive

Patient Service Representative Job Summary:

We’re seeking a Business Development Representative to serve as the link across our Marketing and Sales departments. To join our medical practice, we’re looking for a passionate and well-organized Patient Service Representative. A Patient Service Representative’s tasks include welcoming patients and validating information provided by them, among other things. When presented with various problems that arise during the day in a professional healthcare setting, a Patient Service Representative must have good organizational abilities as well as the capacity to think on their feet.

Patient Service Representative Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Welcoming patients and directing them to exam rooms.
  • Conducting reminder calls and arranging patient visits.
  • Patients are informed about disruptions and wait times.
  • Collecting the addresses, phone numbers, insurance details, and health history of patients.
  • Each visit, confirm and validate patient records.
  • When required, support patients with the completion of patient history documents, permission forms, and financial contract forms.
  • Collecting and organizing payments for healthcare care rendered in cash and by credit card.
  • Examining customer accounts, locating delinquent accounts, and recovering past-due payments.
  • Patients should be informed about delays and wait periods.
  • Examine patient accounts, look for outstanding bills, and collect any outstanding balances.
  • Join educational training sessions to advance your career.
  • Professionally react to patient issues and queries.
  • Accepting, investigating, and referring patient problems to the appropriate member of the medical staff.
  • Checking up with clients to make sure their question or complaint was resolved properly.
  • When needed, doing admin-related responsibilities, such as filling out paperwork.

Patient Service Representative Skills and Qualification:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent is required
  • More than 2 years of experience in a similar field
  • Job experience as a Patient Service Representative or a similar position is required.
  • Understanding of clinical terms and procedures
  • Professional appearance and demeanor
  • Presentation and leadership abilities are essential.
  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • Microsoft Office Suite Expertise

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