Personal Driver Job Description


The primary duty of a personal driver is to convey passengers from one destination to another ina comfortable and efficient manner. He may work for an agency, company, or individuals and may use their own vehicle or employers. The task of a personal driver may change from employer to employer. Most of the time their duties may not be constrained carrying their employer, it may depend on various factors like the way the employer lives his life. Sometimes personal drivers have to work as a personal assistant providing service to the employer besides traditional driving duties and responsibilities. The role of a personal chauffeur involves proper maintenance of the car, performing minor repair and refueling the car. The employer may also ask him to book tickets and perform some shopping.

Personal Driver job Titles:

  • Personal Driver
  • Personal Driver (Part-Time)
  • Personal Chauffeur
  • Personal Motorist
  • Licensed Operator
  • Cab Driver

Personal Driver Job Summary:

Our organization is seeking a personal chauffeur to facilitate transportation, perform personal task and support employers in various assignments. The candidate must be self-motivated, highly responsible and flexible. The driver’s duties include picking up clients, assisting with loading and unloading luggage, providing a relaxed atmosphere inside the vehicle and ensuring the trip remains safe and enjoyable. The driver should arrive on time for all appointments without reminders and track all assigned projects and tasks. He should regularly report the status of outstanding projects and maintain the confidentiality of the employer’s personal affair.

Before any trip, the driver’s duties include consulting the map, checking online traffic and weather reports for departure and destination location. He would be responsible to maintain the cleanliness of the vehicle and a few other duties can be assigned as per qualification. Working hours may vary and must be available during the weekend and evening.

Personal Driver Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Convey employers or staff to the destination as instructed
  • Safely driving the car and keeping the exterior and interior of the vehicle clean
  • Carrying out inspection and maintenance work like changing the oil and batteries, refueling, checking the brakes, wiper, air pressure, tires and engine
  • Safely conveying employers relatives, friends, business partners and colleagues from one place to another
  • Carrying out a routine inspection of the vehicle
  • Identifying mechanical issues that may impede the smooth working of the vehicle
  • Check different routes, climate, and traffic to move and the best path to take
  • Perform minor repair and maintenance if necessary
  • Keeping a record of maintenance, repair, location traveled, time is taken and working hours
  • Carry out all assignments given by the employer

Personal Driver Skills and Qualification:

  • At least 1 years of experience working as a personal chauffeur
  • Must be properly licensed to drive
  • Should maintain professionalism
  • Require high school diploma/GED
  • Must be 21 years of age
  • Able to speak, read and write English
  • Able to sit for an extended period of time
  • Must pass a background check and drug screen
  • Being safety conscious
  • Should possess superb conversation skill
  • Must be punctual to work daily
  • Able to work during weekends and holidays
  • Intensive knowledge about traffic laws and road regulation

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