Phone Sales Associate Job Description


Inbound or outbound cold calls are made by telephone sales personnel to sell items or services. Phone sales salespeople, unlike many contact center personnel who will provide customer assistance, may require expert awareness of both the items and services they are selling. A phone sales representative’s basic responsibilities include conversing with potential or existing clients to persuade people to buy a company’s product and services. Some sales reps’ responsibilities include developing a good, but not specialist, understanding of the company’s products. Telephone sales representatives should be comfortable speaking with customers and should be able to use or acquire how to use client electronic databases.

Phone Sales Associate Job Titles:

  • Phone Sales Associate
  • Mobile Sales Associate
  • Phone Sales Representative

Phone Sales Associate Job Summary:

We’re looking for an experienced mobile sales associate for our company. Respond to requests and meet with clients to give them our products and services as a telephone sales agent. A telephone salesperson must be enthusiastic about our company and its products and trust in the vision we promote. Every call must reflect this enthusiasm for customers to enjoy chatting with you and willingness to learn more about the company or brand. You can chill out and enjoy your day at an office like a phone salesperson while connecting all over the planet. You need to persuade customers to acquire goods and services by referencing key aspects of the company’s offerings utilizing a script. Responding to questions and resolving concerns regarding purchased products should be part of your advice to potential and present clients.

Phone Sales Associate Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • All new phone sales regions must be established and expanded.
  • Make cold calls to potential clients.
  • Prepare a sales strategy to expand your client base.
  • Obtain phone leads and sales from a variety of sources.
  • Using a regional call center, make outgoing calls.
  • Build and sustain new consumer relationships.
  • Minimum criteria for bids, calls, and sales quotas must be met.
  • Ensure that you can penetrate your present client base and improve earnings.
  • Make sure to include prices and payment terms in your quote.
  • Arrange the installation of the product based on your understanding of the company’s the production and execution timelines.
  • Client training and retention for phone sales are to be coordinated.
  • In a computer system, record new customer details as well as other sales statistics for current customers.
  • Establish and sustain professional client relationships.
  • Identify and resolve issues with conformity.

Phone Sales Associate Job Skills and Qualification:

  • A high school diploma or GED is preferred
  • Minimum 1 year of expertise in a similar role
  • To successfully relate to clients regularly, you must have strong customer service skills.
  • Ability to sell things over the phone and clinch deals without needing to meet with consumers in person.
  • To better reach sales targets, you must have a high level of self-assurance.
  • Communication abilities that work
  • Exceptional ability to operate under duress
  • To boost lead acquisition, you’ll need strong follow-up abilities.
  • A person who is detail-oriented and self-motivated.
  • Good organizational, data entry and computer abilities are required.

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