Photo Editor Job Description


Photo editors are responsible for coordinating photo assignments by choosing, editing and positioning photos and publishing image son web or publishing agency. Photo editing is a vigorous and zestful job and it requires excellent visual, communication and organization skills. The professionals employs for newspaper, magazine, publication and websites. Their job varies depending on the industry. Their duty involves identifying various need, assigning projects to photographers, reviewing and editing images, manipulating pictures and approving photos for publication. The professionals at news agencies work for longer hours to meet daily production deadline. Many photo editors begin their career as photographers and they gain experience slowly through creating images. Addition to technical knowledge they must develop a good eye for image quality and photographic content.

Photo Editor Job Titles:

  • Photo Editor
  • Photo Editor (Part-Time)
  • Picture Editor

Photo Editor Job Summary:

We are looking to hire a creative photo editor to ensure each article features aesthetically with pleasing snapshots. You will join other creative talents in a client-based environment and will get work on several projects. Like a photo editor, you will be enhancing all photographic elements of the cross-platform campaign. The company takes pride in developing visuals that attract, retain, and engage the target audience. If you are seeking to join a creative space with talented professionals from all over the world and be a part of a company that values team effort we would like to contact you. Like a photo editor, you would need to retouch images for both digital and print, compose images from multiple sources, provide color correction for product images, landscape, and portraits. You need to create a background extension and ensure all assets are organized and archived accordingly.

Photo Editor Responsibilities and Duties:

  • He must be able to edit a high volume of product images and upload images to the sales event
  • Manage all request from reporters and producers to select strong images for different stories and galleries
  • Present high volume photo coverage for news event and breaking news
  • Collaborate and support the existing team  of photographers and editors
  • Learn the workflow of the production department
  • Ensure to advocate new visual storytelling products, steady and compliance to set image guidelines
  • Work closely with creative research, sales and research, production, legal, marketing, and varied department
  • Maintain rapport with all assigned photographers along with media partners
  • Maintain strong visual literacy with project management skill to coordinate and conduct assigned editing projects
  • Train junior photographers, editing assistant, photography coordinators, and contractors

Photo Editor Skills and Qualification:

  • Must possess 2 to 3 years of experience in photo editing
  • Punctual, reliable and must have strong communication skill
  • Bachelor degree in photography and visual arts
  • Extremely proficient in Photoshop, Bridge, and Lightroom
  • Easy going, coachable attitude
  • Able to meet deadlines
  • Exceptional creative ability and reflect them in an appealing photographic content
  • Able to collaborate on projects and integrate editorial feedback
  • Extensive skills in coordinating photography projects and meeting deadline
  • In-depth knowledge about copyright and other relevant permissions

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