Pipefitter Helper Job Description


Pipefitter helpers, also called pipefitter apprentices to assist pipefitters in the installation and maintenance of pressured piping systems at construction sites, companies, refineries, and power stations. A pipefitter helper is specialized in constructing, maintaining, and fixing piping systems to make sure that fluids flow securely and without leaks from one point to another. They are in charge of ensuring that the piping runs well, and they must be able to read blueprints and appropriately install pipes. All steps of the pipefitting procedure, including designing, planning, fitting, inspection, and maintenance of all piping systems, should be assisted by the helpers. Working under the direction of a pipefitter, they are frequently hired on a contract basis. They provide the supplies and tools needed for a project to the pipefitter by loading, transporting, and unloading them. They also set up the work area with any necessary equipment. They help with every step of the pipefitting procedure, the most important of which is installation.

Pipefitter Helper Job Titles:

  • Pipefitter Helper
  • Fitter Helper

Pipefitter Helper Job Summary:

We’re seeking a pipefitter helper to join our group and have expertise in the natural gas, natural gas liquids, and petrochemical industries. Assisting pipefitters with configuration, arranging, and installing pipe, knowing pipe fittings, rivets, and valves, preparing pipe and fixtures for lifting and trying to rig, being accustomed to metallic elements, locating and marking metal flexing and cutting routes, cleaning work area, and restocking parts and equipment as needed are all part of the job duties. Working on elevated ground and maintaining balance when standing on restricted levels such as beams and pipelines are also required skills. You should have previous expertise interpreting ISO’s and illustrations past exposure to various metals and an understanding of piping systems, nuts, valves, etc. You must be able to work effectively and precisely while also contributing to a solid safety culture.

Pipefitter Helper Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Learn how to put together, operate, manage, and repair sophisticated piping systems that convey a wide range of liquids and oil products.
  • Collaborate on high-pressure systems that cause temperature variations
  • They must have a thorough knowledge of scientific processes
  • According to the task criteria, choose the kind and thickness of the pipe and relevant materials
  • Inspect the worksite for impediments and ensure that any defects will not create structural instability
  • Organize the deployment sequence to avoid obstacles and other maintenance workers’ actions
  • Using threading equipment, thread pipe
  • Bend the pipe by hand or with a pipe bender
  • Using clamps, hooks, and hinges, fasten the pipe to the frame with hand tools.
  • Fixtures are welded to structural steel components
  • May be asked to commute to other job sites with short notice

Pipefitter Helper Skills and Qualification:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Must have completed the 4-year apprenticeship program
  • Ability to work in all types of weather and environments
  • Prolonged periods away from the home in isolated regions are required at times. Must be willing to work shifts.
  • Must be able to join obligatory training sessions and eager to do so.
  • Must be physically capable of meeting all criteria

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