Procurement Associate Job Description


The procurement associate assists procurement specialists in ensuring that the company’s goods and equipment are always available. They are entry-level employees who work for such a procurement team. They assess and evaluate goods and services to determine which ones best match the demands of the company. They keep track of raw – materials inventories and make purchases when stocks run low. Negotiating is an important aspect of their work, and they resolve the contract after determining the best cost, terms, and shipping alternatives for each item. They not only handle present demands but also collaborate with multiple departments and resources to ensure that the organization’s future requirements are addressed consistently. The associate helps with the purchasing of various products for a firm, as well as the scheduling of orders and deliveries. They check inventory levels and keep track of data to avoid inventory shortages. Purchase orders must be thoroughly examined for authenticity, thoroughness, and transparency.

Procurement Associate Job Titles:

  • Procurement Associate
  • Procurement Assistant
  • Procurement Associate ( Part-Time)

Procurement Associate Job Summary:

Accenture excels in assisting firms in laying the groundwork for long-term success among the major distributors and business process solutions experts. We’re dedicated to providing outstanding service through extraordinary people, and as a worker, you’ll have a rewarding career in an inventive atmosphere where difficult and intriguing work is a daily occurrence. Accenture is looking for a Procurement Associate Manager to engage with outside customers to create procurement strategy for FS & CRE spend areas such as facility maintenance, property investment, and brokerage. You’ll collaborate with clients to help them achieve their business objectives while maintaining the best possible commercial framework, reliability, and service standards. Discover spending cost-cutting possibilities across a wide range of top firms and industries. Lead sourcing initiatives, which include all critical processes such as strategy formulation, vendor negotiation, award proposals, business analysis presentations, and provider contract enforcement, using an Agile methodology to increase productivity.

Procurement Associate Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Encourage procurement procedures by collaborating with project workers in the formulation of contract documents
  • Help and support the establishment and execution of purchase management platform in terms of preparation, regulating, and tracking all matters
  • Assist procurement procedures by working with project staff to develop a planning process.
  • Keep the purchasing tracking software up to date and provide comments on purchase orders
  • Review requisitions for thoroughness and appropriateness of technical requirements
  • Prepare monthly updates on sourcing matters
  • Deal directly with the supply chain unit on receiving the goods, devices, and services to acquire the entire delivery summary
  • Assist the acquisition process and source strategies by defining the optimal method of delivering goods

Procurement Associate Skills and Qualification:

  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant subject
  • At least one year of experience in a similar industry
  • Acquisition, regulations, and procedures knowledge
  • Ability to manage many projects at once Strong mathematic skills
  • Must be punctual, dependable, and have effective communication skills
  • Better verbal and nonverbal communication skills
  • Careful attention, prioritization skills, and time management
  • Inspirational and communication skills

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