Production Line Worker Job Description


A production line operator is in charge of running a factory’s machines and gathering things for delivery. The assembly and inspection of products are the responsibility of the production worker, who must also ensure that all of the machinery is in working order. They help with item shipping and storage. They are entry-level workers who run a factory or logistic gear and prepare things for delivery. A manufacturing worker’s job entails assembling and inspecting product pieces. Factory safety requirements and directions must be rigorously followed. Assembly of products and equipment, obeying production requirements, operating and maintaining machinery, improving productivity levels, maintaining production line safety, maintaining a clean workstation, and performing other specific activities are some of the additional job duties of a manufacturing line. They should be in good physical shape and have effective interpersonal and safety abilities.

Production Line Worker Job Titles:

  • Production Lineworker
  • Production Worker

Production Line Worker Job Summary:

We’re seeking a qualified applicant with a high school diploma or GED. We are searching for applicants that are self-motivated and safety-sensitive to join our production staff. To produce raw resources for production, operate various machinery such as cutters, press, punches, breakers, and so on. To load machinery, workers must manually handle and maneuver big pieces of steel. Team members must be able to utilize a measuring tape and apply sensible knowledge to follow written and verbal directions in all roles. The nature of the production process will demand you to undertake a variety of physical tasks such as constant standing, strolling, and constant use of hands to grasp and retain, push/pull, hold, turn, and otherwise maneuver tools, materials, and item of varying lengths and weights up to 60 pounds. Cowering, twisting, bending, kneeling, squatting, extending, carrying arms and weight overhead, and other postures may be necessary. Close sight, distance vision, vergence, depth perception, and intense focus are all vision needs.

Production Line Worker Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Start arrangement and manufacturing machinery early in the shift
  • Manage the equipment and ensure that the items are assembled
  • Help ensure the work area is clean and clear of hazardous materials
  • Clean the equipment
  • Weld, weld, drill, and attach parts with hand tools
  • Keep the worksite clean
  • Unload, organize, and stock the shipment
  • Ensure that all production targets are met
  • Report any production issues to your direct supervisor
  • Follow all safety rules and materials handling procedures in the factory
  • Apply labels, corporate logos, and other external specifics to the item

Production Line Worker Skills and Qualification:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Must possess a minimum of 3 years of experience in the similar field
  • Must have past knowledge in a factory setting 
  • Must know the structure and feature of industrial machinery
  • Identify concerns with machinery
  • Chance to thrive for the duration of the shift and walk all-around manufacturing floor
  • Able to work at a high pace and undertake a range of purposes

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