Production Technician Job Description


Before items and processed commodities are promoted to consumers and sold to them, production technicians combine and test them. They ensure that items are flawless and function as intended by testing and inspecting them. To ensure that they are evaluating the manufactured products properly, production technicians frequently operate in plants as a part of bigger teams and coordinate with the quality control department. They conduct routine upkeep and repairs to keep machinery in good working condition. Additionally, they carry out quality control assessments on finished goods and raw materials to ensure they fulfill predetermined criteria. They are responsible for making sure a safe and healthy work culture is maintained at the site. They keep track of production records and other paperwork. The minimum educational need for production technologists is a high school diploma, while extra training or education is advantageous. Must be able to maintain composure in a hectic setting where they can be required to reach production targets. These jobs could be physically demanding because they call for strenuous climbing, lifting heavy objects, and prolonged standing.

Production Technician Job Titles:

  • Production Technician
  • Manufacturing Production Technician
  • Production Operator

Production Technician Job Summary:

Our firm is looking to hire an experienced production technician who will capable of performing work flawlessly. The duties of the production technician will involve overseeing the control procedures, testing products in various ways, compiling reports, identifying and fixing issues with goods, procedures, and gear, as well as instructing and generally supporting the engineering team. You need to pay close attention to detail and have a solid understanding of what makes a quality product to succeed as a production technician. The best applicants can see issues with a product and provide employees on the assembly line with clear advice.

Production Technician Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Make sure the production environment is secure, efficient, and equipped with the necessary supplies.
  • Maintain production tools and machinery.
  • Make sure the workspace, gear, and safety are all maintained.
  • Visual observation, process information, and online testing are used to control and supervise processes.
  • Determine and troubleshoot issues with systems, goods, and equipment to find a fix.
  • Deal with a multitude of actual situation factors and practical issues where there is little standardization.
  • Technicians should receive plant operations certification.
  • Encourage a safe and healthy workplace for production, and always follow safe work procedures.
  • Develop and uphold integrity-driven high-performance standards.
  • assist engineers and field workers with production data processing.
  • Workers should be led and directed to ensure product consistency.
  • Create a failure record for artificial lifts and help with performance analysis.
  • Assist the team’s technical assessment and data processing activities.
  • Offer fresh ideas for streamlining the team’s data handling.

Production Technician Skills and Qualification:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent is required
  • Expertise in manufacturing is required
  • Necessary production expertise
  • Aptitude for fixing issues.
  • Excellent observational skills.
  • Thinking analytically.
  • Having the ability to train.
  • Positivity and the ability to put in extra time when needed.

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