Public Relation Assistant Job Description


The primary responsibility of the public relations assistant is to design and deliver marketing materials for clients. Their job is assisting the public relations department with numerous chores such as collecting, copying, and answering phones. They could serve for a public relations firm, a marketing company, an advertising agency, or public affairs. The public relations assistant must be able to do a variety of tasks and assist clients in improving their brand persona and raising awareness of their products and offerings. The assistant is in charge of organizing public relations material, assembling materials for a trade fair or client appearance, assembling and distributing press kits, overseeing public relations communications, supervising content on social media, press releases, and emails, assisting the public relations department, keeping track of PR material, and other administrative functions. The ideal candidate is youthful, imaginative, and has excellent writing and analytical abilities. They should be well-organized, self-assured, and good communicators.

Public Relation Assistant Job Titles:

  • Public Relation Assistant
  • Public Relation Administrative Assistant
  • Public Relation Office Assistant

Public Relation Assistant Job Summary:

 We’re searching for someone to join our team as a Public Relations Assistant. The public relations coordinator is a creative and detail-oriented person who manages our promotional strategies, promotes programs and big events, prepares and organizes events, and offers administrative assistance to the division. Producing news releases and other mainstream media messages to market our brand, as well as supporting vetting, investigation, and administration of influencers and advocates throughout many platforms, are just a few of the responsibilities. They should also be capable of performing a variety of other tasks, such as formulating written comments and providing phone or e-mail replies when needed, responding to routine information requests, and monitoring recent developments in influencers, social networks, and the competitive market to obtain insights that can be used to help educate tactic.

Public Relation Assistant Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Manage articles, press briefing, and event schedules.
  • Assist with the organization and execution of various events
  • Compose and design various types of PR material
  • Revise and edit press releases, videos, and slideshows
  • Analyze and record media exposure, as well as track essential PR indicators
  • Manage long-term relationships with clients, the media, and civic leaders
  • Contribute creative ideas to strategy meetings.
  • Develop project-specific press lists to assist the Marketing team
  • Find new strategies to expedite contact and plan execution
  • Participate in tracking media attention or PR metrics
  • Manage contact data and send the list with changes

Public Relation Assistant Skills and Qualification:

  • Degree in public relation, communication, or relevant field
  • Must have a minimum of 2 years of experience in a related profession
  • Expertise working in a professional atmosphere
  • Good problem-solving talent
  • Know PR, advertising strategy, and practices
  • Ready to follow market dynamics and current approaches
  • Self-motivated with solid organizational skills
  • Superb follow-through, attention to detail
  • Highly organized, customer-centric, and deadline focused
  • Results-oriented with expertise accomplishing decent public interaction results
  • A solid understanding of advertising, including the importance of various systems and forms of media such as video and internet platforms
  • Expertise working in a team environment

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