Pump Attendant Job Description


The pump attendant is responsible for executing general car repairs as well as pumping gas. They raise funds for the purchase and upkeep of the property. They work long days, part-time, evenings, holidays, and rotations.  Customers are served by pump attendants who work at gas pumps or garages. Fill up the engine tank if necessary, distribute lotto, gather and try to get rid of garbage outside, provide clients with receipts, charge purchases to credit card, greasing vehicle, change fuel oil, replace damaged tires, substitute windscreen wiper blades, initiate fuel systems, modify brake system, and replace injectors, and sell grocery items are just a few of the other obligations they should perform regularly. When washing and doing car maintenance activities, they should be able to detect even minor issues.

Pump Attendant Job Titles:

  • Pump Attendant
  • Pump Assistant

Pump Attendant Job Summary:

We’re seeking a pump attendant with high school graduation and relevant experience in a related industry. Main responsibilities include delivering excellent service to customers who are buying gas, injecting fuel, and requesting other services such as windscreen cleaning and oil checks. He’s also in charge of keeping the gas station neat by dumping and picking up litter as needed, as well as replying to client queries and offering guidance as needed. We’re searching for somebody to join our team that has at least one year of automobile fuelling experience. We’d love to discover the ideal candidate to instruct as needed. Having some repair and replacement operation in an elevated truck stop is a huge advantage, and you’re searching for the ideal person to teach who has the correct attitude and desire to learn. With limited assistance from others, this job must be competent in conducting the most of essential servicing on Ryder vehicles.

Pump Attendant Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Fill up a passenger’s vehicle with gasoline or diesel to the desired level
  •  Accepting money and providing change or preparing bank fuel fee slips
  •  Verifying the car’s water and oil level
  • Cleaning windshields
  •  Checking the airflow of tires and pumping them up if required
  •  Changing flat tires
  •  Selling and fitting minor spare part
  •  Collect money from customers
  • Operate fuel pump and fill vehicle’s gas tanks with petrol or diesel to the specific quantity
  •  Purchase stock and store incoming products
  •  Prepare daily updates of gas, lubricant, and accessory sales
  • Maintain car parks, offices, restrooms, and appliances, and discard litter

Pump Attendant Skills and Qualification:

  • A diploma or its equivalent is required.
  • A minimum of one year of employment in a related subject is required.
  •  Understand and cope with harsh and overbearing individuals
  • Be kind and polite.
  •  Possess a decent standard of verbal ability
  •  Be competent.
  •  Strong enough to stand for long periods
  •  Required to work a variety of shifts, as well as weekends and nights
  •  Capable of adhering to instructions
  •  Exceptional client serviceability
  •  Multi-tasking
  •  Must be regular, dependable, and have effective communication skills.
  •  Excellent oral and written communication abilities

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