Quality Auditor Job Description


Quality auditors are quality assurance service providers and their task is to plan and schedule the audits. Their job is to inspect the quality of goods and products of a company and ensure they meet required standards. Many companies hire quality auditors who have completed their high school diploma but a degree will benefit to improve skill. They supervise and direct testing ensuring the products meet standards of production. A certified auditor is also called by the name quality control inspector and they must ensure the goods are produced following government rules related to standards and the execution of service. Candidates can be employed in various sectors like food, beverage, manufacturing unit, and IT. They must possess exceptional assessment skills to transfer goods to great quality. They should create testing parameters for goods and review the products for industry compliances.

Quality Auditor Job Titles:

  • Quality Auditor
  • Quality Assurance Auditor
  • Auditor
  • Quality Inspector

Quality Auditor Job Summary

We are looking to hire a quality auditor who has completed a High school diploma or GED. We need an experienced and certified quality auditor who can audit all manufacturing units as per standard work guidelines and requirements. They will be coordinating with the team members working at different levels in an organization and must promote quality parts. The candidate should possess exceptional computer skills and great knowledge of Excel. They should be experts using all gauges and should know all automotive components. The duties they should perform includes performing random inspection of operator gauges parts and ensure they follow standard work requirement, verify the parts for nonconformance, conduct gauge verification at each work station, and provide daily reports regarding outline problem resolution. The candidate should be capable to train and support the production teams on work instruction updates. They should work in scheduled hours and maintain high ethical standards in all assigned duties.

Quality Auditor Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Develop internal quality audit system program and conduct audit planning, implementation, and feedback
  • Create training modules for data quality processing components
  • Find out areas that need training and ensure the space are filled within the time frame
  • Arrange management who needs audit and conduct customer staging
  • Verify, monitor, check and document quality data for production and inspect the activities performed in operations
  • Coordinate with supervisor to enhance the performance

Quality Auditor Skills and Qualification:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Must possess a minimum of 5 years of experience in the similar field
  • Need to possess certification gained from ASQ
  • Great leadership skill
  • Able to communicate strongly with team members
  • Great organizational skills
  • Remain up to date about industry standards
  • Efficient handling quality management software
  • A team player
  • Computer knowledge
  • Must handle multiple assignments
  • Analytical thinker, prioritizing skills
  •  Must have completed the post-secondary industry-related course
  • Attention to detail and critical problem-solving skills

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