Refinery Operator Job Description


Refinery operators are crucial in the transformation of raw materials into finished goods. They can detect and fix problems in a refinery facility, making them critical to the plant’s protection and well-being. A refinery operator is in charge of monitoring and controlling specialized machinery that converts raw materials into finished goods. In facilities that store and refine crude oil, this is most typically done by converting natural gas or petroleum into specific products, but some units serve food, metals, chemicals, and radioactive materials. To ensure that existing production needs are fulfilled and maintained, refinery operators communicate to plant managers and supervisors and engage with other refinery colleagues, suppliers, and stakeholders. Refinery operators’ daily tasks vary based on the type of factory they work at and the products produced there, but common duties include supervising flow and pressure of processes and adapting gauge set up as required, functioning specialized equipment to convert the raw product into an item, such as crude oil into gasoline, and gathering plant productivity goals.

Refinery Operator Job Titles:

  • Refinery Operator
  • Petroleum Refinery Operator
  • Refinery Plant Operator

Refinery Operator Job Summary:

We’re searching for detail-oriented, self-motivated, career-minded, and competent adults with integrity who can execute a variety of site audit at retail and business facilities across the country. Our company is looking for Refinery Operators to work in our restarting refinery. The Refinery Operators are in charge of tank re-refinery system operation, tank gauge measurements, tank movements, and other associated documentation, as well as aiding other teammates as needed. Utility operators at this plant are responsible for a wide range of tasks. However an operator’s tasks change daily, the primary duty of an operator is to manage the day-to-day activities of either the refinery’s storage tanks or the numerous working units. Functioning all across an oil refinery entails working both indoors and outside, in various climatic situations, and in and around sounds, heat, altitudes, and gear.

Refinery Operator Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Assure that the refinement process is carried out continually.
  • Study and comprehend reports describing the refining process, and follow the instruction for the letter.
  • Assess the machinery’s and the refining process’ effectiveness, and offer recommendations to increase efficiency.
  • Manage and control refinery equipment.
  • Regulate the flow of completed products and manage the crude oil input.
  • Scanning the panel board data on the device to prepare operating records
  • Keep an eye on the equipment for any problems and inform them to the authorities.
  • Maintaining and repairing refinery gear is your responsibility.

Refinery Operator Skills and Qualification:

  • A high school diploma or GED is preferred
  • Can hold a degree in petroleum studies
  • Minimum 7 years of expertise in a similar field
  • A detailed understanding of the numerous procedures and technologies included in crude petroleum extraction.
  • A good understanding of how to operate refining equipment and the safety rules that apply to it
  • Ability to assess the application’s effectiveness and make recommendations for improvements
  • Good decision-making abilities and mental foresight
  • Working in harsh heat and physically demanding situations is a must.
  • Able to recognize abnormal machine performance and take fast action to correct it

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